• immer in die augen shauen.....

    30. Jul. 2006, 19:32

    Karlheinz photos that make me want to cry.

    ....and finally with Boulez(l) and Maderna (m) from '56

    ...all credit and respect to the original photographers.
  • Pierre Boulez article and links to other great articles

    22. Jul. 2006, 9:52

    an article written by Pierre Boulez on technology and the composer and links to other articles by greats like Francisco López, John Cage, and Cornelius Cardew on similar topics.

    In particular, is the article from 1957 by John Cage on experimental music quite fun to read.
    And to accompany that article, one may want to download this conversation between Cage and Morton Feldman.

    or whatever. there it is. when you want.
  • plumb & plumber/ aNACRUSa archive & help, mabey?

    12. Jul. 2006, 13:57

    I have downloaded an aNACRUSa recording that is working me over. Field recording, collage, experiments.
    try for yourself:
    once again totally free. once again that beautiful
    also try:
    also from the same artist. wonder, full of wonder, i think.

    But this is where my questions just start.
    I had also downloaded a record from plumb & plumber.
    this one to be specific:
    and thought, hum, wow, two very similar artists. yeah. as far as any info on aNACRUSa, the archive gives me this:
    Mikko Pihn aka anancrusa is an ambient experimental
    soloproyect from europe atlantic coast.
    this is his first release called "el borde del silencio" .

    not much information. except i know it come from an artist that is from the atlantic coast of Spain.
    then upon reading a journal entry on another site i come across this entry:
    Yet another Spanish talent. And talent is the keyword here. Plumb & Plumber, also known as Jesús Valle Pazos, comes from Vigo, Galicia, the northwestern spanish province. Cold and wet in the Winter, Sunny and warm in the Summer. 'Organic Feedback' revolves around ambient and cinematic electronica, where tape and field recordings are a warm layer of analog tapestries and dissonant electric guitars explode in a fuzzy and mechanical chaos. These ambient textures share the space with fingerpicked acoustic guitar chords and spaced-out sluggish drones, inviting us to an irresistible journey Through Plumb & Plumber's delicate universe. You'll hear broken banjos, untuned guitars, steam engine noises, a pope doing some sort of a speech, ground recordings, an old woman singing a lament, 8 bit sounds, shoegazing drones, ambient space music, birds chirping, radio traffic and hiss, tons and tons of hiss. This is almost pure Library Music. What Plumb & Plumber builds on 'Organic Feedback', with great knowledge of sound editing techniques and a rare and subtle - and genuine - aesthetic appeal, is a magnificent experimental EP, both fragile and strong, clear and dense, light and dark. Yin & Yang. Both parts of the same. Plumb & Plumber. I can't find the perfect words to describe this. Pure, almost brute melancholic beauty. Get this now.»
    this relating to the plumb and plumber album i had recently downloaded.

    so the question comes in.

    the same artist?

    can anyone help? if not, download and attempt to judge for your self. recommended.
  • Rene Kita recordings downloadable, a must have!

    11. Jul. 2006, 22:54

    So these recordings by Rene Kita have really been blowing me away. They are very artistically collaged field recordings available free to download for all of you beautiful people. I recomend the work and this recording highly, very highly. It has been a thrilling discovery.

    Rene Kita's comments on this peice, called track suite:

    Experimental, that is, broken on purpose music expressing hysteria, fear, anger and irrational exuberance. The samples used were collected from a live gig of mine at Lumo-klubi at the Kokoteatteri, Helsinki on 27 February 2005, tap dancing on sheet metal and screaming, a session of screaming against the saxophone of Janne Martinkauppi (who kindly released the rights) and recordings made with Samy Kramer (also kindly released copyrights) on the streets and shores of Helsinki. Collated with Soundtracker on Linux. The ogg versions were encoded with maximum quality settings to give you the 'definitive' version: Any distortion or disturbances you may hear in these are definitely part of the composition. Enjoy!

    it's free. try this.