• Unconsciously, Accordions Are My Favorite Instrument

    20. Okt. 2008, 5:49

    Out of my top ten bands (on, only three do not involve accordions, and they are Of Montreal, The Beatles, and The Cure. This is hardly relevant, but I found it interesting....probably only because it applies to that which is relevant to my interests.

  • Victory Dance

    8. Mai. 2008, 6:13

    Okay, so you say something brilliantly snarky. You need to flaunt your brilliance, right? Of course! But how?!

    Dance. That's right, dance.

    The best approach is to employ some Walk-Like-An-Egyptian hand movements and bob your head accordingly. James Mercer moves are also ideal, but they are for experts only due to their level of difficulty.

    Here's some music that is good to Victory Dance to in this manner:

    E-Pro - Beck
    Supernatural Superserious - R.E.M.
    Girl - Beck
    Seventeen Years - Ratatat
    Ghettochip Malfunction - Beck
    The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
    Pressure Zone - Beck
    Crush With Eyeliner - R.E.M.
    Que Onda Guero - Beck
    Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six
    Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order

    Final note: Somehow, it also helps if you dress like Duckie. To the hilt.
  • Stephin Merritt, I adore thee.

    2. Apr. 2008, 4:01

    Oddly, this journal has nothing to do with Mr. Merritt. But he deserves a mention for being so godly-awesome.

    Moving on.

    They Might Be Giants are kings of men. The trip out east to witness their glory went well. There were few significant kinks in the trip itself, and the kinks that did exist were minor and sorted themselves out for the better.

    But that's the boring part for anyone reading this. Now for the exciting part.

    Friday, March 28th, 2008 --- TMBG at The Somerville Theatre in Boston

    It was a rainy day, but my sister and I were able to wait inside at the venue. My sister ran off for a second and Iggy Ingoglia walked past me. He gave me the best look ever. It was a wide-eyed, brows-raised look of what I like to imagine to have been intrigue. It made my night. Then we went to our seats and enjoyed the musical stylings of Apollo Sunshine. They were cool. And 'cool' is the only word for them. Trust me. It also happens to be the bassist's favorite word. The bassist was a manic musician. He was totally into it. And at the end of their set, the band did this crazy percussion thing where the two non-drummers joined the drummer at his set and melded their musical intelligence into one, giant percussive trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Then TMBG came on, and my sister and I mad-rushed to the front of the theatre. We made it right up to the stage on Flans' side. The set-list was awesome. If you're curious, check out the Wiki. Let me think...some highlights. I got to play Flans' guitar, which has always been something I've wanted to do. It was glorious. Linnell "complained" about the confetti. He says he has dreams in which he bats at the air moaning, "Confetti..." It was hilarious-one. Oh, the Johns' parents were at this show, apparently. There was a special balcony box for them and Mr. Linnell was up there saying a loving hello.

    Saturday, March 29th, 2008 --- TMBG at The Music Hall, Portsmouth

    There wasn't an opening act this night. So when the lights went down and we heard Flans' man-voice, we rushed to the stage and made it front and center. The stage was really high, but not ridiculously so. Um, Danny and Dan had guitar wars and they used their instruments like guns at each other. Flans almost stepped on my hand...but not really. He did put his foot right next to my hand though. Heh, there was a lively discussion of the Necco Candy Conspiracy. Apparently, Necco wafers are the exact size and taste as Old Connecticut Turnpike tokens. Also, they are the thing to invest in and construct houses out of. Linnell had some clever acronym for was like New England Candy Construction Operation. Or something. Anyway, it's a conspiracy. Dan Miller was SUPER-EPIC. He played a solo from a stage-level box, and I couldn't avert my eyes for his epicnitude. After the show, my sister was hanging out in front of the stage and none other than Mr. Marty Beller walked up to her, gave her his sticks, and walked away. I am proud to say that I was given one of these sticks by my generous sister. Oh, and we talked to Iggy after the show. He said he recognized us from past shows. He was a super-nice guy and we chatted for a bit. He told us to come say hi to him at the next show we go see and we each shook his hand.

    I know I'm forgetting things. So....Anna, you know what to do. FACT-CHECK.

    However, the conclusion remains: damn good times.
  • Musical Convergences!

    24. Mär. 2008, 5:55

    (Feel free to suggest more.)

    Maine - John Linnell & Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

    You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb [Alternate Version] - Spoon & I Can Add - They Might Be Giants

    Signal To Noise [Acoustic Version] - The Cure & Near Wild Heaven - R.E.M.

    I Thought You Were My Boyfriend - The Magnetic Fields & Love Today - Mika

    Memphis (Gibson Lounge) - TMBG & Heroes And Villains - The Beach Boys*

    Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel & Objects of My Affection - Peter Bjorn & John

    *AnaAerophina (five!)
  • Weird Science *maniacal laughter*

    13. Mär. 2008, 23:47

    This is my new ongoing experiment: listening to different musicians/albums and then deciding which ones make the best soundtrack for each season. Spring is the one under the most observation right now as I can walk with my iPod in the spring weather. Here's what I've come up with so far:

    Yann Tiersen - Amelie soundtrack
    Belle & Sebastian - Piazza New York Catcher
    - Another Sunny Day
    - Sleep The Clock Around
    - Seymour Stein
    - Is It Wicked Not To Care?
    The Shins - New Slang
    They Might Be Giants - Stalk of Wheat
    Of Montreal - Du Og Meg
    Tally Hall - Spring And A Storm

    Tilly & The Wall - Rainbows In The Dark
    They Might Be Giants - Memo To Human Resources
    -Til My Head Falls Off
    -Metal Detector
    The Rentals - ???
    The Shins - Australia
    - They'll Soon Discover
    - Spilt Needles (Alt)
    - Phantom Limb

    WINTER (snowfalling, especially):
    Band of Horses - St. Augustine
    The Arcade Fire - Une Annee Sans Lumiere
    Magnetic Fields - It's Only Time
    - I Don't Believe You
    They Might Be Giants - The Bells Are Ringing

    Decemberists - Crane Wife 3
    They Might Be Giants - Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
    Beirut - Postcards From Italy
    The Arcade Fire - Laika

    If you have some ideas to contribute, feel free! This is a highly scientific experiment, so naturally, I'll gladly steal answers from anybody. =)

    [3/15/08] Oh the cleverness of you, Ana! Why not experiment year round? Being a music nerd, I was practically doing so anyway...and, thus, I have some more seasons to contribute! Also, Tally Hall, pending. *highfive, Ana*

    [3/16/08] Thanks for the TMBG suggestions, Zeppy! They have been added, and everyone will know that you are awesome. *highfive, Zeppy*

    [3/17/08] I have heard of Michael Leviton, and in good context too...but I don't know those songs. They have been added to pending, and I will seek them out with the fervor of a mightily ardorous giant robot. *highfive, Kori*

    [3/20/08] SECOND high five, Ana! Thanks again, you clever lass!

    Michael Leviton - My Favorite Place To Drown (album)
    - Summer's the Worst
    - The Beach Gets Cold
  • I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing

    12. Mär. 2008, 20:55

    One band. Fifteen questions. Choose the most amusing/applicable song title as the answer. Dont repeat song titles.

    Artist: The Beatles

    [1] Are you male or female?
    Another Girl

    [2] Describe yourself
    I'm A Loser

    [3] How do you feel about yourself?
    I Feel Fine

    [4] Describe what you are thinking right now.
    Act Naturally

    [5] Describe your current boyfriend.
    Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby =P

    [6] Describe where you currently live.
    Here, There, and Everywhere

    [7] If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
    Across The Universe

    [8] Your best friend is ___________.
    Free As a Bird

    [9] What would you ask for if you had just one wish?
    Real Love

    [10] You know that ___________________.
    All You Need Is Love

    [11] What's the weather like?

    [12] If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
    Your Mother Should Know (OH. Snap.)

    [13] What is life to you?
    It's Only Love

    [14] What is the best advice you have to give?
    Think For Yourself

    [15] If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    Penny Lane
  • Direct From Madison

    4. Mär. 2008, 1:27

    From TMBG's online tour blog: my sister is first in line, and I am third. Quite bitchin'.

  • TMBG @ the Barrymore Theatre

    2. Mär. 2008, 3:41

    I went to see TMBG at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI on February 29th...on Leap Day! (or Weep Day, as Zeppyfish would say.) It was manic fetching, and manic freezing. Of course, we had to get there early and be first in line for the general admission show. So we had to stand outside for about an hour, hour and a half in the cold. But it was well worth it. We got front and center and there were no barricades in front of the stage.

    Oppenheimer played first. I was so glad I got to see them again. They played some stuff from their new album, and it was amazing! Forserious. Those guys also recognized my sister and I. We've talked to them after four shows now. They're such nice guys! Some idiot in the audience shouted "Stay Irish" at them, and Shaun was like, "I'll try." They're amazing, amazing boys. Their new album comes out in May, so do check it out, won't you?

    TMBG were next of course. Iggy was doing stuff before they came on, and someone shouted something about him being awesome. Then Iggy stopped in the middle of the stage, held his palms open at his sides, looked down at the stage modestly and mouthed "I know." And his earrings were looking good. :) And then came the Giants. Linnell accordion'd right in my know, the manic accordioning where the squeezebox is pretty much a blur. Right in front of me with his lovely Main Squeeze. Ummm, what else? Danny was drinking alcohol onstage. I think he was buzzed because he kicked one of the stage lights. It must have been in his way. :) Flans messed with one of Dan's tuning machines which made me happy for no reason. Linnell was talking after a song, and he looked right at me. And he mouthed "Good job". He was most likely not talking to me....but I like to think he was, and that he was congratulating me on my super New Wave outfit. Frank Villardi was a good drummer. Very high energy and fun to listen to and watch. I did miss Marty though. They played Apartment 4 for the first time for us! I swayed like a madwoman, and Linnell smiled at me. Danny and Frank also liked to smile at my sister and I for rocking out so hard to their kickass rhythm section. Oh, and they also played Hey Mr. DJ. And it was grand. John and John were very talkative, both onstage and with the audience.

    Madison was pretty lame. Pretty much everything closed by 10:00 pm. Even the bus station and the airport were closed at night. This has nothing to do with the concert. It was just annoying.

    In conclusion, Lou Reed.
  • Homework Avoidance, indeed.

    19. Jan. 2008, 3:17

    Just out of homework-avoidance:

    I had two dream- TMBG-filled nights in a row! The first night, I dreamt that Linnell was driving my family somewhere, and he was going to drive my sister and I to the concert later on. He joked about making us pay him for his services. :) Then, someone spilled French fries randomly and Linnell and I picked them up. And he came over to my family's house later and we had burgers. I was very distraught because I couldn't find a veggie burger. Linnell was so nice and funny. He looked like he does in the ResLife vids. Pretty awesome.

    Then last night I had a dream that my sistah and I were hanging with the Johns in a funkadelic swank (inadvertent reference to Rockafeller Skank?) coffee shop. They were so nice, and Flans kept smiling at me. It was fun. :)

    I also had some just-plain-weird dreams in the past week or so. In one, some punk-ass-kids came to my apartment. I answered the door and they said, "Your hair doesn't make you new wave!" And I was thinking to myself, I never said or thought that it did! Then I commenced to step out into the hallway with dignity, where in turn I lost all sanity and serenity and starting shouting awful curses at them. They ran away, laughing.

    I also had a dream that was like an info-movie. It was explaining the chemical cause for ADD. But it was like this ridiculous cartoon of a smiling square called Adenosine that would attach and detach itself from receptors. Supposedly, that's what caused ADD. I think my dreams need to check their FACTS. I also think it was my weird dream-world response to Ana's caffeine song. :)

    In conclusion, no money for shrinks. No sir.
  • 120 Bass Victory!

    16. Dez. 2007, 6:06

    I am so happy! I finally have the accordion of my (realistic) dreams! It's a 120 bass Nobility with a 15 inch keyboard.

    I got my first lesson today...and lo and behold, I suck. Horribly. But the hardest part for me is reading the notes. I am hopeless with that right now. But I am not in the least bit discouraged. I will dedicate myself to diligent practice.

    Oh, it's so gorgeous. Such an upgrade from my BROKEN 48 bass Rossetti. Well, that pretty much goes without saying, but...there you have it. And it was only $100 more! It's used, but in excellent condition. The kind people I bought it from live and breathe accordions. They really know their stuff.

    I'm off to practice! =)