00s 100 songs you need to go out with 10s 90s addicting aeygo alltime:300 alternative songs amazing anything is possible today awesomeness best song in the history of man kind best song on the album bubble gum pop catchy as hell charli no cinema bizarre could listen over and over dance drums electroclash electronic epic epic music female vocalist female vocalists fucking kick ass fuk u and ur whole crew german germans are awesome glam pop glam rock guilty pleasure haunting melody humanoid i have the power i love it i want played at my funeral iconic industrial industrial metal instrumental j-pop just wanna dance killed the rest tbh kpop love at first listen makes me want to move my feet male vocalist male vocalists meaningful my childhood neue deutsche haerte passion punk rock ruined childhood songs that you wanna listen to over and over again south florida story of my life sunshine on rainy days suprsingly amazing sweet the new 10 commandments tokio hotel took me awhile to get used to it top 500:alltime top1000:alltime top1000:overall top100:1000 top100:2013 top100:alltime top100:alltme top100:overall top1100:alltime top1200:alltime top1500:alltime top150:alltime top2000:alltime top2000:ofalltime top2000:overall top200:alltime top20:alltime top2200:alltime top2300:alltime top2500:overall top2700:alltime top300:allime top300:alltime top400:alltime top500:alltime top500:overall top50:alltime top600:alltime top750:overall top:2300:alltime tragic with a captial t but in a good way tybg for this real ass track watch me dance like a fool why does everyone say there british