40. Me


5. Apr. 2012, 15:53

Hello or Goodbye - GoodbyeSun or Moon? - Moon
Because silver is more beautiful than gold.
Winter or Summer? - Summer
When the nights are bright and the earth breathes.
Cats or Dogs? - Both
I can't choose.
Black or White? - WhitePast or Future? - Future
Hope flows through the future.
Right or Left? - LeftSight or Hearing? - Hearing
Because when I want to hear something - I close my eyes and when I want to see something I don't close my ears.
Light or Darkness? - Darkness
In darkness I repose, the light tires me.
Vampires or Werewolves? - Vampires
Children of the Night.
Horus or Zeus? - Horus
I choose true god, not the man with miraculous skills.
Dolls or Cars? - CarsFire or Ice? - Fire
There's a fire inside me.
Koalas or Penguins? - PenguinsPirates or Ninjas? - Pirates
Red or White Roses? - WhiteSalt or Pepper? - SaltPencil or Pen? - Pen
I draw only with the words.
Cake or Pie? - Everything
Sugar is my weakness.
Venice or Rome? - VeniceSea or Space? - Space
I look into the sky.


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