Monotonik - My personal best of the past 5 years


1. Jan. 2008, 20:44

I thought I just compile my personal best of Monotonik. Here it goes ... ;-)

monotonik - Year 2007

MTK186: Grating Rainbows
MTK179: It's Really Pretty Simple After All

monotonik - Year 2006

MTK171: Landscapes Of Late
MTK165: Secular EP

monotonik - Year 2005

MTK150: El Hacedor EP
MTK149: Conscious EP
MTK143: Maintenance Werk
MTK142: Perpetual Autumn EP

monotonik - Year 2004

MTK140: I'll Meet You There
MTK136: El Hacedor EP
MTK135: Stuff EP
MTK132: A Random Collection of Consonants
MTK131: Pasteism EP
MTK123: ..Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge

monotonik - Year 2003

MTK122: Nibiru Coming EP
MTK121: Emotions in a Box EP
MTK120: Remixconsonantthing EP
MTK115: Fiction And Fires EP
MTK111: Oll Tolk'n' no Ding atcheev'd
MTK104: For Your Broken Heart EP
MTK098: Sunreal

Thank you Monotonik and Friends!
Keep up the good work!

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