"OHHH, THAT'S the song I've been trying to remember!"


22. Jul. 2006, 5:10

Isn't it brilliant when you finally discover the song that's been on the tip of your tongue for ages? Example: I heard "Iron Man" by The Cardigans a while back and the band sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember what song it was that I'd recognized. But, of course, it was "Lovefool". And now I'm having an "OHHHHHHHHH THAT'S IT" moment.

I've had a similar problem with Morrissey's "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful". I KNOW I heard the song ages ago in a commercial, or a film, or a movie trailer, or SOMETHING. However, I can't remember where, and it's been driving me mad for over a year now.

The Cardigans
Iron Man


  • theleslie

    Unrelated, but War by the Cardigans is really neat. And... the only Cardigans song I actually know, gjksdjgdlsgksl;dgksdlkgsd. There is this one song in this Rogers High-Speed Internet commercial, and it doesn't even play enough of it for me to be able to have [i]any[/i] clue what it is, but it drives me [i]crazy[/i] because it sounds so, so pretty. :( And I want it. And I want Rogers to go, HEY LESLIE HERE'S WHAT THAT SONG IS CALLED. ALSO, HERE'S SOME HIGH-SPEED INTERNET! ... and then I'd pretty much marry Rogers. End of story.

    25. Jul. 2006, 3:24
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