Personal Best Of...


22. Okt. 2009, 20:19



01 Breathless (In Blue)
02 Only When I Sleep (Talk On Corners)
03 Rebel Heart (In Blue)
04 No Frontiers (live) (Unplugged) (Mary Black)
05 Runaway (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
06 Dreams (Talk On Corners) (Fleetwood Mac)
07 Forgiven Not Forgotten (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
08 All the Love in the World (In Blue)
09 Summer Sunshine (Borrowed Heaven)
10 Little Wing (Talk On Corners) (Jimi Hendrix)
11 One Night (In Blue)
12 What Can I Do (Talk On Corners)
13 Heart Like a Wheel (Home) (Anna McGarrigle)
14 Closer (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
15 Remember (previously unreleased)
16 Everybody Hurts (unplugged live) (Unplugged) (R.E.M.)
17 Long Night (Borrowed Heaven)
18 Angel (Borrowed Heaven)
19 Heaven Knows (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
20 Queen of Hollywood (Talk On Corners)
21 The Right Time (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
22 Radio (unplugged live) (Unplugged)
23 Give Me a Reason (In Blue)
24 Intimacy (Talk On Corners)
25 Rain (In Blue)
26 So Young (Talk On Corners)
27 Irresistible (In Blue)
28 No Good for Me (Talk On Corners)
29 Silver Strand (Borrowed Heaven)
30 Looking in the Eyes of Love (previously unreleased)
31 Summer Wine (unplugged live, feat. Bono) (Unplugged) (Lee Hazlewood)
32 Love to Love You (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
33 Rainy Day (Talk on Corners: Special Edition)
34 Black Is the Colour (Home)
35 Secret Life (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
36 Somebody For Someone (In Blue)
37 Borrowed Heaven (Borrowed Heaven)
38 At Your Side (In Blue)
39 Hopelessly Addicted (Talk On Corners)
40 Judy (In Blue: Special Edition)
41 Leave Me Alone (Forgiven Not Forgotten)
42 Don't Say You Love Me (Talk On Corners)
43 Love in the Milky Way (previously unreleased)
44 When The Stars Go Blue (unplugged live, feat. Bono) (Unplugged) (Ryan Adams)
45 Would You Be Happier (The Best of the Corrs)


01 In Blue 9/10

02 Forgiven Not Forgotten 9/10

03 Talk On Corners 9/10

04 Home 8/10

05 Unplugged 8/10

06 Borrowed Heaven 6/10


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