Pointless but mildly entertaining.


7. Mär. 2008, 15:30

Total Number of Songs:

Total Length of Music:
9 days, 9 hours, 0 mins and 28 secs

Sort By Song Title:
First Song: About Rain
Last Song: 99 Red Balloons

Sort By Time:
Longest Song: Master the Treadmill with Ok Go (Continuous Mix)
Shortest Song: America's Next Top Model Theme

Sort By Artist:
First Song: Take on Me
Last Song: Disco Inferno

Sort By Last Played:
First Song: Maps
Last Song: When Your Heart Stops Beating

Top 10 Most Played:
01. Spiders
02. Rocknroll
03. Hold Nothing Back
04. Polygraph, Right Now
05. The Carpal Tunnel Of Love
06. Summertime
07. Of All The Gin Joints In The World
08. Chocolate
09. There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss
10. Cannonball

First Five Songs in Shuffle:
01. Smells Like Teen Spirit
02. 3
03. Nolita Fairytale
04. Schizophrenia
05. Anyone Else But You

"Sex", how many songs come up? 11
"Love", how many songs come up? 188
"Death", how many songs come up? 44
"Hate", how many songs come up? 9
"Wish", how many songs come up? 5
"Kill", how many song come up? 54
"Fuck", how many song come up? 4


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