1. Mär. 2011, 15:16

Fri 25 Feb – The Streets, Brother

I went into this concert a little nervously. The first thing making me worrying me was the fact that I am not much of a fan of Computers & Blues - Mike Skinner's AKA 'The Streets fifth album, and final as The Streets. I have enjoyed all four previous albums to varying degrees, the first two being masterpieces in their own rights, the third being a decent listen and Everything Is Borrowed being a massively under-rated, breathtaking experience. So my first concern was how much of the set-list would I enjoy. Secondly I was unsure of what to expect performance-wise, having never seen a garage act live before.

By the time myself and my friends had secured a decent, closeish place to the stage my setlist worries had been forgotten and I thought however he performed it would be to a high standard, and just couldn't wait for the man of the hour to take to the stage. So the lights came down, and he strolled on with a backing band and his backing singer to rapturous applause and cheers, without much preamble he began his first track, the opener to C&B - Outside Inside andTrust Me were performed back to back, and although I'm not massive fans of either songs his performances were fine. However the event truly kicked off as Skinner ripped into Don't Mug Yourself. It's a testament to his fan's loyalty that although it was difficult to hear his actual performances of all the verses, most people (me included) were able to recite it all themselves.

As the show went on it became evident that Skinner was determined to play a fair amount of C&B but threw in plenty of his biggest tracks, and a few surprises too. Never Went to Church and Dry Your Eyes were both biblical performances, another instance of everybody in the arena knowing all the lyrics even if they were difficult to make out at times. The encore was also spectacular, Turn the Page being a popular choice, the inevitable Fit But You Know It sparking complete madness for the last time, and one of the best tracks of C&B - Going Through Hell to finish off the entire affair was an excellent closer.

The chat was fun, and Skinner's speech about his love for Birmingham was nice, his holding up a Wembley shirt induced plenty of cheering and booing in equal measures, and the vocal performances were perhaps a tad quiet, but as previously stated, the strength of the fan's dedication rendered that mostly a non issue, especially for the choruses. A blinding gig, made ever more memorable as it's likely to be the last time 'The Streets' perform in Mike's hometown.

The Streets played:

Outside Inside (Intro)
Trust Me
Don't Mug Yourself
Let's Push Things Forward
Puzzled By People
The Escapist
Everything Is Borrowed
Weak Become Heroes
It's Too Late
We Can Never Be Friends
Blinded By The Lights
Never Went To Church
Heaven For The Weather
Dry Your Eyes


Turn The Page
Fit But You Know It
Going Through Hell


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