Things people need to listen to...Episode 13 (April 29, 2010)


30. Apr. 2010, 2:32

Lucky number 13?
Only you can be the judge of that.

Let's just jump right into it.



1. Aislyn
/ /
Best tracks: Nailbiter, Hot Night (Daylight's Coming), New Soul

2. Library Voices
/ /
Best tracks: Step Off the Map and Float, Kundera on the Dance Floor, Love In The Age Of Absurdity

3. Nottee (Unfortunately, I can only find the 3 songs on MySpace. Need more!)
/ /
Best tracks: I'd Give You All the Best, Control, Young Modern Life

4. Cassette Kids
Best tracks: Insomnia, You Shot Me, Lying Around

5. Parallels
/ /
Best tracks: Find the Fire, Shadow Hearts, Reservoir

6. Data Dog
/ /
Best tracks: Little Sister, Twists & Turns & Dangerous Twists, Jigsaw Jitters

7. The Republic of Wolves
/ /
Best tracks: The Clouds, Wood/Bricks, Cardinals

8. Power Animal
/ /
Best tracks: Birds Have Worries Too!, Dear My Body, I'm Not That Body. Dear Keith Hampson I'm Not Your Name. You Are A Shaky Boat With A Curse Upon It, But I Need You To Get To The Other Side Of The Lake, All I Can Hear Are The Bees

9. Magic Man
/ /
Best tracks: Monster, Daughter, Polygons

10. Golden Ages
/ /
Best tracks: Everything Will Be Alright, Be Cool, The Whale


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