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O.S.T.R.Nie Potrzebuję Noża 3. Jul., 14:25
O.S.T.R.Mózg Wolność Siła 3. Jul., 14:21
O.S.T.R.Na Luzie Skit 3. Jul., 14:14
O.S.T.R.Moje życie 3. Jul., 14:11
O.S.T.R.Jeśli nie masz 3. Jul., 14:06
O.S.T.R.W Nienawiści 3. Jul., 14:01
O.S.T.R.W Miłości 3. Jul., 13:55
O.S.T.R.Szpiedzy Tacy Jak My 3. Jul., 13:52
O.S.T.R.I Co Powiedzieć 3. Jul., 13:49
O.S.T.R.Wiecznie Drugi 3. Jul., 13:45
O.S.T.R.Introstan 3. Jul., 13:41
The Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You Want Lieblingslied 5. Jun., 11:43
The Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil 5. Jun., 11:36
The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk Women 5. Jun., 11:33
The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack Flash 5. Jun., 11:29
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Quotes are fun.

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"Because of the bad US economy, many Broadway producers have started taking their musicals to China. That's right. In a related story, the entire cast of "Cats" has been eaten."

"How do you contact Batman during the day?"

"Earlier this week on "Wheel of Fortune" a contestant became the first person ever to win a million dollars. Unfortunately, he went out afterwards and blew it all on a vowel."

"I got a house full of relatives right now and here's the bad part: they're refusing to set a timetable for getting out."

"It's always the horn section!"

"Police in Germany say that a man with no arms stole a 24-inch television set from the store. Police said it was an easy arrest as the suspect was unarmed."

"- Say, Bob, is Barack Obama black?
- I don’t know. Ask Phil, he follows politics."

"Spitzer? I don't even know her!"

"I wanna get on a CEO fast-track. I mean, a really fast track. Like the track itself is like... tilted and then greased with some sort of lubricant graphite polymer and... maybe the whole track's on wheels, too, and then that's in the aisle of a Concorde which is just roaring at Mach 4 towards CEO Town. Any suggestions?"


1958 CLSSC

"He looks like a big napkin!"

"The coalition of the fillings."

"...and I know that assholes grow on trees,
but I'm here to trim the leaves..."

"I'll see you... in health!"

"The monkey never dies, just waits in the corner."

"Mundee's Mustmayostardayonnaise.
Warning: mayostard will expire before mustardayonnaise."

"Honey, I got rhythms I haven't used yet."

"I cannot make one moment merge in the next. To me they are all violent, all separate; and if I fall under the shock of the leap of the moment you will be on me, tearing me to pieces. I have no end in view. I do not know how to run minute to minute and hour to hour, solving them by some natural force until they make the whole and indivisible mass that you call life. Because you have an end in view—one person, is it, to sit beside, an idea is it, your beauty is it? I do not know—your days and hours pass like the boughs of forest trees and the smooth green of forest rides to a hound running on the scent. But there is no single scent, no single body for me to follow."

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