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ModestepFeel Good 26. Apr. 2012
Flux PavilionHow Rude 26. Apr. 2012
16bitChainsaw Calligraphy 26. Apr. 2012
Bare NoizeRhythm & Blues 26. Apr. 2012
Cookie MonstaBliss (Guitar RMX) 26. Apr. 2012
Document Oneinsurance scam 26. Apr. 2012
ChrispyScenes of Violence 26. Apr. 2012
ExcisionKnow You 26. Apr. 2012
RuskoWoo Boost 26. Apr. 2012
DatsikFirepower (Levela Remix) 26. Apr. 2012
Excision & DatsikSwagga 26. Apr. 2012
DownlinkMoonrock Badman 26. Apr. 2012
TombaMars 26. Apr. 2012
Doctor PSweet Shop 26. Apr. 2012
Trolley SnatchaRocco's Revenge 26. Apr. 2012
Zeds DeadRude Boy (Mr. Vega Remix) 26. Apr. 2012
BorgoreGuided Relaxation Dub 26. Apr. 2012
High RankinCut You Down (Original mix) 25. Apr. 2012
BassnectarVoodoo 25. Apr. 2012
SKisMPause kostenloser Download 25. Apr. 2012
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Über mich

My name is Jennifer; most people just call me Jenn. I live in the land of snowfall and ice where there is snow in July. I love it here, but I will have to part with it soon to pursue my life and career. I currently attend Lake Tahoe Community College, and it pretty much takes up all my free time. I believe education is very important to Life. I love Art of all forms, especially music. I love Metal, Metal is my life, there’s nothing better than loading up a car full of people, taking a road trip to who nowhere California to go see some of the best bands ever. I love Black Metal, especially those inspired by Norse mythology. I am passionate about History, and mythology. I find Religions to be fascinating especially and the Lack there of in today’s world. Nature is my Religion. When I need a place of sanctuary I walk in to a dark forest to think, where nature guides me home. I also love Good Beer, German Food and Good friends. I like to make my own clothing when I get the time. I found myself dressed in man’s cloths for years, but I did not want to give but my Band T’s so I trying making my band shirts look sexy. I am proud of who I am and where I am from. I do not want to be in the so-called “in crowd,” I like it just where I am! I am not changing for you or anyone else. If you think I am a loner you do not know me, and chances are that I do not like you. If you have, problems with me tell me. I am who I am and if you don’t like that I don’t give a FUCK.I hate fake people just act like yourself, and if you say you are going to do something do it!
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Jennifer Lleras,

My Space me at
Going to Wacken 2010...Anyone else, If so add Me

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I drown in the colour of your eye
for a black heart will only find beauty in darkness
I breathe it's eternity to absorb the sky
where the shadows of death may lie

Under the stars and the white silver moon
I hear a song and I'm closing my eyes
While it's sound is carresing my poor and sad mind

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.

You create your own universe as you go along.
Winston Churchill

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