Xue's Top 30 Songs of 2005


19. Dez. 2005, 9:42

Just because. There's probably a lot of songs I've missed because, well, computer reformatting doesn't help a lot of things. I suppose this is the closest I can come to.

30. Run On
Cute, catchy, fun and, well, cute. I love this song, despite the fact that it's crying out to be the background music to some commercial (which it is anyway).

29. Theme From Schindler's List
I absolutely love this song; while the Schindler's List soundtrack tends to be a bit too melodramatic at times, I adore the theme to bits. Itzhak Perlman's playing simply makes me want to squee.

28. Adiemus
All right. I know this song is, well, the most overplayed one by Adiemus - but I can't help it. It's just so beautiful and haunting.

27. Black Black Heart
Good, angsty song. My guilty pleasure.

26. Heart-Shaped Box
I'm personally of the opinion that this song is much better than Smells Like Teen Spirit - and I don't think I'm the only one. Because... Well, I think the lyrics are more intimate and I love the melody more. Yep.

25. I Just Wanna Live
I love the chorus of this song to bits. Another guilty pleasure.

24. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Okay. I know. It's overplayed and it's angsty - but it has a nice tune to it so that's fine. Just ignore the lyrics. That's what I do.

23. Canção do Mar
Obscure song, obscure artist. The only reason why I listen to this song is because Sarah Brightman borrowed it for her song Harem. Personally, I like the original better because, well, the techno beats irritate the hell out of me sometimes.

22. Oceania
Creepy choral arrangements, Björk's powerful voice, beautiful lyrics... Hmm.

21. Duel of the Fates
As much as I love Battle of the Heroes and Imperial March, this one makes the list because, well, it's so bloody addictive.

20. Bubble Pop Electric
Because we need something crazy and harmless sometimes.

19. I've Been Dying
I love Jacqui Hunt's voice. And this song is really, really cool and good to loop over and over again.

18. Explosive
I really love this song. Period.

17. Hijo De La Luna
I think that Sarah Brightman's cover of this song is one of the best ones out there, mainly because her voice really suits its mood and intended atmosphere.

16. A Sorta Fairytale
My first Tori Amos song, and still one of my favourites. It's slow, reflective and manages to be cryptic without being too bizarre.

15. Gravity of Love
Anyone who manages to sample the O Fortuna chorus from Carmina Burana into anything and make it sound good deserves a lot of respect. So there you go.

14. Moroccan Roll
Middle-Eastern flavour, beautiful arrangements and Vanessa-Mae's playing. Wonderful song.

13. Naturaleza Muerta
The thing with this cover of Naturaleza Muerta is its arrangement, which gives the entire song a new sense of melancholy and beauty.

12. Smooth
This song is just pure fun. End of story.

11. Kismet
I suppose what I love most about this song is its melodies and how it's played. It's really, really beautiful, so there.

10. Sabre Dance
I really love this arrangement of Sabre Dance - quirky, exotic and mysterious.

9. Sleepsong
I suppose this is the only song I really love from Earthsongs. While it isn't as any of the Secret Garden songs sung by Karen Matheson, it's still really pretty.

8. Cursum Perficio
Dark, brooding and wistful. This is my favourite song from Enya, really.

7. Silence
I really love the entire feel of this song - and this is also the same song that got me addicted to Delerium.

6. Raw Sugar
I love Metric. I love this song. Yay.

5. Eden
I suppose what I love about this song is the way Sarah Brightman sings it. And the fact that this one uses a Gregorian choir, unlike the synths used in the original version by Hooverphonic.

4. Happy Valley
The only thing I don't like about this song is that it is far too short, despite the fact that it already clocks at 6.5 minutes.

3. Spark
I think the reason why this song is so high up on this chart is because, well, you don't get tired of it. Tori Amos sings it so well and you really feel the sense of loss behind the song and the lyrics.

2. The Saga Begins
I'm really biased. The reason why I put this song on no. 2 is because I couldn't stop looping it. It's so funny and entertaining as a parody - and I think it's much more sophisticated than most of what Weird Al Yankovic tries to do.

1. Enchanted
I know this song starts off rather slowly with about 2.5 minutes of instrumentals. Still. I love the entire atmosphere of it - and Kristy Thirsk's vocals work very, very well here. I love this song a lot. A whole lot.


  • Piglet88

    You had me until you said Good Charlotte. However, since the rest of your list is good, and I totally agree that Heart Shaped Box is much better than Smells Like Teen Spirit, I'll let you slide on that one. Great list.

    21. Dez. 2005, 14:13
  • xuelee

    <i>You had me until you said Good Charlotte.</i> That was really because my friends kept playing that song in the classroom. XD Nah. I said that there's a lot of songs I missed - which is true. I completely forgot about Loreena McKennitt in there.

    22. Dez. 2005, 1:35
  • AnthonyB

    very unique list but I enjoyed many of the songs I hadn't been able to catch before :)

    4. Feb. 2006, 23:15
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