00s 2009 a breathy male lead vocalist a busy horn section a clear focus on recording studio production a distinctive male lead vocal a dry recording sound a dynamic male vocalist a gravelly male vocalist a highly synthetic sonority a knack for catchy hooks a repetitive chorus a slow moving bass line a subtle use of paired vocal harmony a subtle use of vocal counterpoint a subtle use of vocal harmony a tight kick sound a twelve-eight time signature a vocal-centric aesthetic acclaimed music top 200 of 2000s acclaimed music top 200 of 2009 acoustic drum samples acoustic guitar riffs acoustic rhythm guitars acoustic rhythm piano acoustic rock instrumentation acoustic sonority affected synths ambiguous lyrics an electric bass riff an electric guitar solo an emotional male lead vocal performance an unintelligible vocal delivery awesome basic rock song structures beats made for dancing blues influences bobbyscdclub classic rhodes sound classic soul qualities clear pronunciation critically acclaimed song danceable beats demanding instrumental part writing disco influences downtempo influences east coast rap roots electric guitar riffs electric guitars electric pianos electric rhythm guitars electric rock instrumentation electronica influences electronica roots extensive vamping folk influences funk influences good song groove based composition hard rock roots heavy use of vocal harmonies intricate melodic phrasing light synth fx major key tonality mellow rock instrumentation melodic songwriting mild rhythmic syncopation minor key tonality mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation paired vocal harmony pitchfork top 500 tracks of the 2000s political lyrics pop rock qualities prevalent use of groove prominent organ prominent percussion prominent use of synth punk influences radio friendly stylings repetitive melodic phrasing rokker radio romantic lyrics straight drum beats string section beds subtle use of acoustic piano subtle use of noise effects subtle use of strings synth swoops the use of chordal patterning thesixtyone thru composed melodic style triple note feel trippy soundscapes unsyncopated ensemble rhythms upbeat lyrics use of a string ensemble use of electric pianos use of modal harmonies use of tonal harmonies vocal harmonies