Amy Haas, 26, Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten
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Über mich

• My name is Amy
• I’m 18...(finally)
• I live in Melbourne, Florida
• I adore good music…
• My AIM is AFIsLostSoulf13 and my msn is AFIsLostSoulf13@hotmail.com dont be shy u can message me anytime you'd like.. i love to make new friends.
• I adore my friends… as you can see by all my pictures
• I love to talk to everyone… whether your SxE or HxC.. emo or a metal head.. Whatever... It makes no difference to me. As long as you’re nice…
• I’m a sucker for guys… with tight clothes, and eyeliner, and hair in their face…
• Piercings and tattoos don’t hurt…(reffering to statment above)
• I adore going to concerts… and local shows..
• Almost all my friends are musicians... or know musicians...
• I have 0g plugs… with diamonds on them ... I call it my bling.. I also have 6g plugs in my ears.
• I have my lip peirced on both sides.
• I have my left nostril peirced twice now as well
• I don’t think I’m pretty…
• I like it when hott guys call me “babe” it makes me happy


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