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MetavariCerulean gestern Abend
MetavariIO, APOLLO AND THE VEIL gestern Abend
MetavariBe One of Us and Hear No Noise gestern Abend
KodalineOne Day gestern Abend
The Suicide of Western CultureThis Is The Last Time I Shake Your Hand Gestern um 13:13
AstraliaYou Are Here Gestern um 13:06
Waking AidaIntro Gestern um 13:05
JónsiSinking Friendships Gestern um 13:00
God Is An AstronautFragile Gestern um 12:56
MaseratiSan Angeles Gestern um 12:49
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  • in_stru_mental

    Gracias for accepting my request... Here's a present for your 4th-lastfm-anniversary last month: this wavegraph of your music history shows your top100 artists over >4 years. Each color represents one artist, and the thickness the play amount. I can see about 5 phases in your history where your artists shifted. Most lastfm users I talked to have in average 4 phases, so it seems you have more musical diversity than them. Would you agree? ... I added also a zoomed-in graph into the gallery (since 2014 June), so you can see more details of the recent trends... What do you think about this visualization? Don't forget to look at the existing 2300+ graphs of the other >1400 lastfm users. Any feedback (in group Musicology) is appreciated.

    22. Jul., 7:09 Antworten
  • in_stru_mental

    ¡Hola, you're today in my top25 musical neighbours (1) list. Also, we're connected over our friends like this: (2) <- this may help you to discover nice user libraries to listen to... I'd like to invite you to the wood and string group. What do you say? ... Have a nice musical Monday... (1) we've SUPER compatibility, with at least these artists in common: Maybeshewill, Blueneck, EF, God Is An Astronaut, Immanu El. (2) ustedes -> arkmalfion -> JC_Kakyc -> yo

    20. Jul., 9:23 Antworten
  • vparads

    oye pásame algo por spotify para que pueda ver tu cuenta!

    16. Nov. 2011 Antworten
  • vparads

    jaja que buena foto, donde es?

    6. Aug. 2011 Antworten

    ¡Bienvenido/a a bordo, xfpoveda! Que la música te acompañe.

    5. Jun. 2011 Antworten

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