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Always, The Future Which Improves Is Desired, But 'Change of Moment' Fears 3:46 1
Any Which It Is Pitiful Thing, Are Weak, It Does Margin You 'Endure' Boldly Margin 3:20 1
As For Poem It Is The Consolation Where The Owner And The 'Lonely' Person Of The… 2:39 1
As For The Person Unhappily Of Others It Has The Sufficient 'Strength' Which… 3:40 1
Dream 'the popular name of the lie which is similar to the beauty which is attached… 3:34 1
Dream world does not fear the “censorship” of gravity, ethereal body of freedom to… 4:00 2
Fluctuation of the “string” is spun the pattern of diversity, play the transient… 4:06 2
Have fun at the boundary of continuous and discontinuous, plaything called… 3:25 2
Heart Be 'the Made' る Of Outlet In The Direction Of A/The Lie When It Has Lacked A…
5:33 1
Honeymoon of “particles” in the vague is the mortal coil of my sparkling momentary… 4:08 2
Human Being Is Doing The Ability That Destroys Self Oneself By Reason '有'
5:15 1
I am dent of the river. Flow is passing but ripple is kept. The “dynamic” order 7:54 2
It 'be Done And Maintain' Only With The Modest Religious Service Of From Day To Day…
5:02 1
It does not request the round meeting which has meaning, keeps finding 'meaning' in… 4:54 1
It Not And Do A/The Foam To Any Pain And Happiness Be 'a/The Call' ぶな He How Many…
5:14 1
Magic smolder in the depth of optimism, the remnants of “sin” of the collective… 3:44 2
Moderation And Justice Are 'the Name' That The Only Superior Can Use Selfishly Merely
6:00 1
Most Of The Reliance Which Is Moved Aside To Other Things 'Is Born' From the… 3:39 1
Of Course For A Good Name For Some Fine Words Of 'freedom' Threat 'theory' 2:06 1
One, That Does Not Require Tomorrow Most Stands In Tomorrow Most Gladly And Buy…
3:04 1
Only the obstinate roar to reject money violate the taboo. “Shout” in meditation 1:21 2
Person Who It Plays By Using A/The Word Not To A Plain Memory '過' ぎ, Without…
3:31 1
Pleasure of life is the “inoculation” of death and the raw power walking to the end 3:34 2
Realize that morarity is equipment Of power and “Shackles” of a maximum of freedom… 4:59 2
Reason Desires Fair Judgment, Anger Desires The Fact That Judgment Is 'Visible'… 4:31 1
Seeker is the chromatic scale world’s inhabitants wandering a “middle tier” of… 5:04 2
Singing Song, We Would Like Being Able To 'neglect'. It Sits Down In Someone's Side… 3:43 1
That It Makes Nonexistent Intelligence Even Although It Calls It With A Powerful…
2:45 1
The Boldness Is The Child Of Ignorance And Meanness And '劣' る Considerably Than…
5:53 1
The fact that it is censored in the loyal retainer of penetration is decision of the… 3:35 1
The Human Is Born As Free One, Is Connected 'To The Chain' Everywhere 1:28 1
Without Having The Word That Even, A Beautiful Melody Tells Sound '留' め Does た To…
5:19 1
”Convulsive” beauty in the sound, the horror of the body beyond the idea to visit… 4:27 2
『参弐零参壱壱壱弐伍壱九参壱伍九伍弐壱七伍伍伍四壱四壱六四』 4:03 1
瞼の裏に夜明けの眠りが、閉じた瞳と思い出に『目覚め』を求む。 3:43 1
自由と孤立と己とに充ちた現代に生きた犠牲として訪れる『未来』 5:15 1
逆さまにゆかぬ年月、幸福に最も近い消耗がまた『明日』も来る。 2:12 1
闇に残る遅咲きは、艶やかな初花より愛らしく『夢』と共になり。 5:23 1