Music Shuffle #1


25. Feb. 2009, 22:08

Well, I'm extremly bored.... Let's do something, what wouldn't be boring...
I hope that it will make sense...

I'm always: EMO |Blink 182|
Emmm, not really...

I love saying: Heaven Help Us |My Chemical Romance|

I think flowers are: Pavlove |Fall Out Boy|

My fave song: She's My Winona |Fall Out Boy|
Hell yeah! Thats my most favourite song from Folie à Deux!

My parents are: Mad as Rabbit |Panic At The Disco|
Yeah, sometimes...

I hate: Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me |leATHERMOUTH|
It doesn't make sense...

I love: Holiday |Green Day|

I was born: Snow |Red Hot Chili Peppers|

Sometimes I try too hard to be: Dead! |My Chemical Romance|
Mmmm, used to be....

I work well on things: The Curse Of Curves |Cute Is What We Aim For|

My Childhood was: Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl |Lostprophets|

My school: House of Wolves |My Chemical Romance|
Hehe ×D

I love to read books about: Rape Me |Nirvana|
Eeeeew, no!

I'm addicted to: Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks |Panic! At The Disco|

I drink too much: Spin |Taking Back Sunday|

My Earliest Memory Is: Anhedonia |The Graduate|

The last place I went on vacations: Heart-Shaped Box |Nirvana|

I think living far away from ___ is good: School |Nirvana|
Haha, my player is right....

I want to live closer to: Northern Downpour |Panic At The Disco|

The president is: Pretty in Punk |Fall Out Boy|
×D×D×D .....Well......

The media: Skeptics And True Believers |The Academy Is...|

I should be calling: rock&roll queen |The Subways|
Yeah, I should.... ^__^

The glass is: The (Shipped) Gold Standard |Fall Out Boy|

Kids can be: Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated |Four Year Strong|

Kids were mean to me when: Stab My Back |The All American Rejects|

Music companies are: Bubble |Fake Tapes|

I despise it when: The World Is Black |Good Charlotte|

If I could go anywhere it would be: Car Underwater |Armor For Sleep|

I love to shop: Leviathan |leATHERMOUTH|

Malls are a really fun place to: 20 Dollar Nose Bleed |Fall Out Boy|

I had fun when: Sway |The Kooks|

I thought it was hilarious when: Mama |My Chemical Romance|
God, why nothing makes sense???

I love my friends even though they: Kill All Your Friends |My Chemical Romance|
Ahaha.... Crap ×D

A kick ass place to have a party would be: Eddie's Gun |The Kooks|

Life is: A Town Called Hypocrisy |Lostprophets|

I don't get enough time to: Moan |Cute Is What We Aim For|

One of the nicest things someone has ever done for me is: Misery Business |Paramore|

When no one's around, I really like to: Dance Dance |Fall Out Boy|
Yeah, that's actually true...

If you want to see me go crazy, you should talk to me about: ALL THE SMALL THINGS |Blink 182|
Nice ×D

Society concerns me most when: We Believe |Good Charlotte|

I concern my parents when: I Am Going to Kill The President Of The United States Of America |leATHERMOUTH|

My parents concern me when: I'm a Wonder |The Cab|

My friends concern me when: It's a Long Way to the Top |AC/DC|

My all time favorite thing is: Sleep |My Chemical Romance|
Oh yeah, I love sleeping....

If I had a million dollars: Dance All Night |Kids In Glass Houses|

My dream college would be: Bittersweet Symphony |The Verve|

My dream job would be: Two Sides |Toxique|

My dream life would be: America's Suitehearts |Fall Out Boy|

People refer to me as: The Ghost of You |My Chemical Romance|

I want to kill: Superman |The Academy Is...|

I dream about: The Music Or The Misery |Fall Out Boy|

I have nightmares about: The Young and the Hopeless |Good Charlotte|

In 5 years, I want to: Broken Hearts Parade |Good Charlotte|

In my locker is: Nothing Else Matters |Metallica|

On my desk is: Red Sam |Flyleaf|

My favorite person is: Of All The Gin Joints In All The World |Fall Out Boy|
No, but it's my favourite song of all time.... ^__^


  • Proky1

    velice zajímavé...^^ to muselo dát práce..:)

    2. Mär. 2009, 20:00
  • Nikki_C_ee

    Hmm. Maybe you hate that you've been convicted of commiting murder?

    11. Jun. 2011, 0:47
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