Going vinyl (sort of)


29. Jul. 2008, 22:58

Let me tell you a long and boring story. (which I'll probably delete by next week to go back to my "one journal per year" - policy)

In my attempt to read everything ever posted on the internet I stumbled across some classic rock shoutboxes where people were always saying things like "my dad has this on vinyl! :)". Some people even steal 90s rock CDs from their dads (no-one ever mentioned any mother)! Thinking about what I could steal from my parents, I came to the conclusion that Peter Maffay, Kuschelrock and Marius Müller Westernhagen weren't that cool after all. I would have never thought there would be something useful in this house. But then again, I couldn't imagine my father as a teenager either listening to nothing or to that kind of stuff. So one day I sneaked into the ironing room where we store our old, huge hi-fi system under layers of dust, and what did I find behind Peter Maffay and The Bee Gees? 3 (three!) rather cool records: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, a compilation of The Beatles and one by The Who. I used to think I had seen everything here. I couldn't have been more wrong. Surprised and totally stoked I instantly put them on, but nothing happened. It turned out that the record player had been broken for ages and no-one felt the need to repair it. Luckily my grandparents still had a working one under even more dust in a plastic bag in their attic.
So now my tiny room is packed with yet another music-related thing, and whenever I find time I put on a record, but always fail to find the beginning, so I start in the middle of the first song. I'm a real noob. It turned out that the Beatles - compilation was their all poppy stuff (which is still groovy and that ^^), the Who - compilation is totally weird (all I can say is: ò_Ó) and that the Floyd - Album is soooo far out in space, it'll take some time to get there, especially since LSD is illegal.