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  • wtiirecords

    We are now taking pre-orders on our final two releases of 2013, Die Sektor's (-)existence and Sitff Valentine's Empire of Illusion. Both albums will be released on November 12th and you can order them now in the WTII Store or on our bandcamp page. WTII093 DIE SEKTOR (-)EXISTENCE (NOVEMBER 12th) Die Sektor returns with the final chapter in the 'The Void Trilogy,' (-)existence. Throughout the trilogy, made up of "Applied Structure in a Void," "The Final Electro Solution" and "(-)existence", Die Sektor set out raise the bar in terms of quality and songwriting within the dark electro industrial music. "(-) existence," is Die Sektor's most accessible, experimental, darkest, emotional and complex work yet. (-) existence is a true concept album that follows the protagonist down a path of internal division and self-destruction. Buy Now: WTII Store: http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii093

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    SMP's Death of the Format in Store 6/11 http://youtu.be/DYTqizPM-8M

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  • wtiirecords

    Online tomorrow, May 14th, the WTII Records 2013 FREE Digital Sampler. Available on the WTII Records website, Amazon.com, bandcamp and other social media sites, this 18 track compilation features new tracks and unreleased remixes from Stiff Valentine, SMP, Stromkern, Dead on TV, Rein[Forced], Am.Psych, Method Cell, Deviant UK, Blume, Die Sektor, The Thought Criminals, Klutae, The Gothsicles, Lowe, Trigger 10d, Prometheus Burning, Mechanical Cabaret and The Qualia. http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii089

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  • wtiirecords

    In stores this Tuesday, 4/23, Deviant UK's Very.Bad.Things! Loaded with killer riffs and insanely catchy choruses, the thirteen tracks on "Very.Bad.Things" raises the stakes in terms of both songwriting and production and is an amphetamine-fuelled joyride that takes in EBM, synthpop, dark electro and more. The WTII version of Very.Bad.Things includes three bonus tracks not found on the European release plus, if you purchase the CD or deluxe digital edition, you will receive and additional 8 remixes in the album download. Pre-order your copy now in the WTII store: http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii085

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    Feeling a little old school today. Check out the video for Trigger 10d's Most People Don't Forget from the 2003 debut The Difference is a Boy. http://youtu.be/IvelUDshjfw

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    In Stores Tomorrow, Mechanical Cabaret's Selective Hearing. A Retrospective release, Selective Hearing covers the bands first 14 years and 3+ albums and singles. Purchase the CD in the WTII store and the accompanying free download will include the bonus mp3's available in the Deluxe Edition. Order Now! http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii084

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  • wtiirecords

    Mechanical Cabaret's Selective Hearing will be in stores next Tuesday (2/26). The CD version includes a free download of the album plus an additional 12 remix mp3's. Order your copy now in the WTII store and check out the video for the song Careful, Careless. http://youtu.be/E4frRsdcvK4

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  • wtiirecords

    Get ready for Terminus Refueled by picking up the latest releases from Stiff Valentine, Klutae and The Gothsicles. Terminus Fest is at Dickens Pub in Calgary June 28-30 and features performance from the above plus SMP, XP8, Combichrist, Assemblage 23, Dead When I Found Her, Leaether Strip and more. http://www.terminus-festival.com/ http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii074

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    Welcome aboard, wtiirecords! Happy listening.

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Über mich

WTII Records is an independent record label that was formed in 2001 by former WaxTrax! refugee, Bart Pfanenstiel and long time friend David Schock.

The concept behind WTII actually started in 1999 while Bart was still employed at Wax Trax! During that labels final year, Bart and Dannie Flesher (co-founder of Wax Trax!) had worked hard to move the label into the modern era of electro/industrial music by tapping into the new breed of bands making there way to the states from Europe. One of these connections was the signing of VNV Nation to Wax Trax! With these new connections in place, the timing seemed right to create a new outlet for these artists to release their material and to try to rekindle the spirit of Wax Trax!’s early years.

With a strong knowledge of the label side of things, Bart enlisted the help of Dave to help get things rolling. Dave had spent several years at a small independent music distributor and had built strong relationships with several key mom-n-pop and chain stores across the country. With the groundwork in place, the two quickly licensed three artists: In Strict Confidence, Controlled Fusion and Melotron. On January 1st 2001 WTII Records, LLC. was born.

Label Overview:
Over the years the label roster has continued to grow with a plethora of artists that vary in sound and style. With releases from artists like Stromkern, Beborn Beton, The Gothsicles, Dessau, Attrition, In Strict Confidence, Monstrum Sepsis, HMB, Klutae, Method Cell, Stiff Valentine, The Qualia, The Gothsicles, Trigger 10d, State of the Union, HMB and cut.rate.box, WTII has been pushing the electronic spectrum to new limits.

WTII’s artist’s have completed several US tours as both a headliner and support act, performed at numerous festivals and played hundreds of one offs across the globe. Their music can be heard on MTV's Made, MTV's My Super Sweet 16, MTV's Trailer Fabulous, A&E's Biography, SpikeTV’s Death Guild, Vh1’s Driven and in numerous shows on the Discovery Channel and TBS.

In 2006, to celebrate the label's 5th Anniversary, WTII released a promotional compilation entitled "The 5 Year Hits" also known as the "WTII 5th Anniversary Compilation." The album was compiled by Chicago DJ Jeff Moyer and Bart Pfanenstiel, mixed by Moyer, engineered by Chicago DJ Pulz-8, mastered by Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun and featured tracks by nearly the entire 2006 roster. [6][7][8]

In 2011 the label celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a 4 day festival in Chicago which featured performances from WTII artists Trigger 10d, Am.Psych, Rein[Forced], The Gothsicles, Stiff Valentine, Dead on TV, Stromkern among other local and national acts.

The label is distributed by Nail Distribution a Division of the Allegro Media Group in North America and Audioglobe in Europe.

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