Tristan Depoyster, 23, Männlich, Niederlande
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Empty HandedAutumn 30. Jul. 2013
Empty HandedJauntiness 30. Jul. 2013
LandscapesLove Alone 30. Jul. 2013
XibalbaBurn 30. Jul. 2013
Departures21 30. Jul. 2013
BacktrackThe Worst Of Both Worlds 30. Jul. 2013
DeparturesDrained Out 30. Jul. 2013
CounterpartsWither 30. Jul. 2013
CounterpartsWither 26. Jul. 2013
CounterpartsWither 26. Jul. 2013
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I'm a crazy mofo, who listens to all kinds of music. I prefer metalcore / (melodic) hardcore music or indie / (pop)punk) / rock music i'm all into it. I USED TO BE A HIPHOP GANGSTER WHEN I WAS 1 MONTH OLD then i quit sorry.
Love me is love back, i'm a dreamer a believer a giver and a taker, honesty till death no effin faker.
Inspirations lead to higher levels and learn to live your life is learning how to be beautiful.
Nuff said, if you want to talk about crap with me just talkie talk.

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