Hello Demons..meet skeletons - Acoustic Benefit Show


31. Dez. 2008, 18:53

So whenever I'm going to see a show in St. Pete... I always end up being late due to crazy traffic. Needless to say, my luck didn't let me down! There was a crash on the Howard Frankland Bridge. 275 was backed up like crazy. Let's just say it delayed our trip an extra 2 hours.

We got there around 8:30 and Soulidium was just about to go on. So I'd imagine the show was delayed from it's 6:00 start in the first place. I was very happy with Soulidium's performance. I think they sounded awesome acoustic. Next up was Society Red, while I think their normal music is a bit better than their acoustic, they still put on a good show. They finished up with a nice cover of Alice In Chain's No Excuses.

Parabelle was on next. I'm not a huge Evan's Blue fan and I really didn't enjoy Parabelle... they did seem to play for quite a long time though, 6-8 songs if I recall. Taproot came out... and only did 3 songs, I was very confused. Every other band played more than 3, it seems like their set was cut a little short. Perhaps to get HDMS on stay before 11:30? No clue what happened there. They sounded pretty good though.

So onto Hello Demons..meet skeletons! The lineup was as follows:

Clint Lowery (Sevendust, ex-Dark New Day): Vocals/Guitar
Corey Lowery (Dark New Day, Solo): Vocals/Bass
Morgan Rose (Sevendust): Drums
Gogi (Dear Enemy): Guitar

If I recall correctly they played all of the HDMS songs, Dark new Day's Storm, Corey's Shouldn't Be Alive, NIN/Cash's Hurt, a U2's Pride (in the Name of Love), and two Sevendust songs. LJ came out mid-set to do X-mas Day with them. The last song ended up being Angel's Son; LJ came back up on stage and John came up to replace Gogi (Vince was still hung over it seems, haha). I was hoping to hear Kicking Tree (as were a few others in the crowd it seemed), but nada. Shame!

The guys sounded awesome. It was a real treat to hear Morgan doing Clint and Corey's songs. Supposedly he had just learned most of them the day before, couldn't even tell. He sounded awesome (a bit too loud in some parts), even more so when he got on the bongos/congas/etc. Clint seemed a bit nervous at first but seemed to get into the groove during the first few songs. Corey seemed to be having a lot of fun, it was nice to hear Corey and Clint switch off on vocals. Overall, awesome show. Glad I could be a part of it.


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