• albums im looking forward to in 2007/ good albums in 2006

    22. Dez. 2006, 2:17

    ok well i wanted to do a best of 2006 journal but then i realised that i did way too much back catologuing artists fromt the past year to really do that. so in no particular order i will mention a few albums i liked that came out this year.
    New Young Pony Club self titled ep
    Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! you seize the sky i seize the city
    I Heart Hiroshima candy cut ep
    200 Motels self title ep
    Professor Murder professor murder rides the subway
    The Valentinos damn and damn again
    Lady Strangelove selftitled ep
    The Grates gravity wont get you high
    The Knife silent shout
    Howling Bells self titled
    ok thats all i can think of at the moment i may add more later as they pop into my head
    now what i am looking forward to next year and the international tours that usually follow an album release.


    Van She dont know the name but it should be good cause they cancelled their tour to write it
    Bit by Bats go! go! go! i love these guys i think they are set to have their album release concert in april
    Cut Copy again dont know its name but they havent really toured in a while so i would love to get a chance to see them
    I <3 Hiroshima another good australain band who is recording now.
    Mercy Arms saw them at the strokes apparently they are over hyped but i like them.
    Young and Restless sound like yeah yeah yeahs pretty awesome
    LCD Soundsystem
    The Shins
    anything i missed ?
  • bands i have seen this year

    6. Nov. 2006, 8:09

    bands i have seen live this year, i just started going to live music this year cause i finally live in a semi cosmopolitan city. I also turned 18 this year so all the emo bands are fromt the first half of the year before i could get into good gigs not to say that they arent talented or anything.
    The Subways
    Magic Numbers
    Iggy And The Stooges
    The White Stripes
    Mars Volta
    Hot Lies X2
    Bit by Bats X3
    Wendy Icon x2
    Her Latest Flame
    Angela's Dish
    The Getaway Plan x3
    Liability Of My Own
    Wishful Thinking
    Open Season
    Granny Flatx2
    Wolf and Cub
    dresden dolls
    I Killed the Prom Queen
    Red Paintings
    Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!
    The Strokes
    Mercy Arms
    200 Motels
    Howling Bells
    I Heart Hiroshima
    In Fiction x 3
    Central Deli Bandx2
    Erase Errata
    All Made of Rubiesx2
    Dukes Of Windsor
    City Riots
    Former Child Starsx2
    not categorised
    clue to kalo, snowman, kasabian, jet, peaches,the herd, fire, poly and the statics, presets, justice twice, the drones

    Fire, city riots

    200 motels, tokyo city sex shooters

    fire ,dead frenchmen, antony of the future

    red riders, fire, dance with voices

    Bit By Bats, Fire , belittle league, ringo stalin

    New Young Pony Club

    snowman, Batrider

    mid jugs, fire, taught by animals,

    New Young Pony Club

    Wolf and cub, artax mission, leader cheatah

    cut copy mercy arms riot in belgium

    Y+r, Cut Off Your Hands, all made of rubies

    fire artax taught by animals

    red paintings battle circus

    valentinos teenagersintokyo fire! santa Rosa fire!

    Fire santa rosa fire swords reptiles

    young and restless skeletons fire santa rosa fire

    damn arms plugin city skeletons

    skeletons tall tall trees birth glow bang bang aids

    daft punk cut copy presets muscles
  • Ever Fallen in love - Buzzcocks live video from last nite!

    17. Sep. 2006, 4:03

    So went to the Buzzcocks last nite. it so cool that these guys are still touring. I mean they have shared stages with the Sex Pistols and The Clash just to name afew. they are punk rock legends. this was probably the best moment of their set. the camera got wobly a few times as people were going crazy behind me. the sound quality seems worse on youtube than the original file there seems to be more crackling noises in the background but as sound goes it is quite distinguisable.
    Im probably going to make a photo blog for it soon dont know if im going to wait for my pics of dresden dolls and Red Paintings who i am seeing wednesday.

    People who like these bands might like this
    Ramones,Wire,Joy Division,The Adverts ,The Slits

    Comments are much apreciated
  • Who is the next Bloc Party?

    4. Jul. 2006, 11:33

    Recently each year there seems to be the big british "it" band that has all the hipsters talking,
    In 2003: The Libertines are better known for their front mans less than stellar publc behavior and various drug addictions than there music. they were probably the most punk ,Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks stye punk. they also had the garage revival thing that the Strokes had aswell.
    2004:Franz Ferdinand/ The Futureheads( tie)
    Fanz Ferdinand are just plain awesome with their making post punk music that girls can dance to. there isnt much to say about them that hasnt already been said but basically these glawegians set off a whole revival of neo post punk bands.
    The futureheads are awesome and are often over looked. Got to love their xtc[/inspired] sound. they are more or less shouting at at u but some how it works.
    Bloc Party hands down probably the single coolest indie band since New Order to blend dance with punk. although u i dont think u can dance to any of the songs even the remixes they do an amazing job at creating soundscapes and atmospere with awesome lyrics aswell much like Wire and Gang of Four befire them. When i first got their album it was almost always on constant rotation on my ipod and cd player. at the moment im really getting into their remix cd which really grows on u over time. I am also expecting a lot from their second album which is said to be more experimental so hoping for the best from these guys.
    The Runners up
    Editors definitely sounds like Joy Division or Interpol. i would probably best describe them as a chirpy upbeat Joy Division but still a little unhappy. this could be what joy divisions first record could have sounded like if they had not dumped their first record label as they did not want to use synthesisers who knows but they are definitely hoping to see big things from the future they just sound t similar to other bands to be the "it" band of the year.
    Art Brut you either love or hate them really. i think its refreshing how the say the words more than sing them. i also love their ironic lyrics. However, a lot of their songs are hit or miss which is sad. i have my favourites of theirs and i just skip the ones i dont like. maybe after more listening i maybe fall in love with other tracks. i definitely love what they r doing though.
    Arctic Monkeys probably would be most peoples choice due to the incredible hype surrounding their debut album. Are they a good and interisting band?
    Do they live up the the hype?
    No, at least i dont think so
    to me it feels like they ripped off Franz and libertines tunes and coupled them together. On the song " i bet u look good on the dance floor" i have an encredible feeling of deja vu for "michael" by franz. It seems like they are just popular with the people that missed out on the dance punk of Franz Ferdinand and who are late getting on the band wagon.
    The Rakes doing the same thing as Artic Monkeys really just darker and more synthesiser but without the hype. I like them more than the Arctic Monkeys as i was not crushed with disapointment over them not living up to my expectations.
    And the Winner( so far at least)
    ¡Forward, Russia! Awesome band from Leeds who have the same arty punk sound as Bloc Party but with a female vocalist on some tracks and a Synthesiser. The have an almost hard core punk intensity which i just love. It great how they go from a dreamy synth intro on their song thirteen to a raging explosion of sound. I would love to see them live if i get the chance. they really havent recieved that much hype but are definitely original and really dont have anysongs i dislike on their album.
    I would Recomend any of the above mentioned bands to anyone that likes post punk. comments are always welcome. I am quite fickle so u might persuade me to change my mind.
  • Did Punk Die In 1980?

    19. Jun. 2006, 9:14

    this may come off as pretentious but i dont think a good punk album has come out since 1980. When i say punk i dont mean hardcore punk, postpunk or poppunk.
    I just started listening to Wire and have been totally blown away. They sound a bit like The Sex Pistols and the Clash. But, a sex pistols with technical skill and did not implode on itself and a Clash without the experimentalism with dub, Rap and Ragae. Lets not forget the Buzzcocks who in my opinion are extremely underated and are always overlooked. I could never really get into their post punk endevour Magazine but i may go back and give them a try. Patti Smithis also awesome. Obviously The Ramones cannot be left of my my list and they did continue to make Albums through out the 1980s but i am not excluding them as their best work came out in the 70s and they maintained the same sound until they broke up in the 90s. Also one of my favourite bands Joy Division cannot be left out of my list of punk although many classify them as post punk.
    Its not that i dislike Post punk bands like The Smiths, The Cure, or New Order or modern bands like Broken Social Scene,Bloc Party,The White Stripes just to name a few. However I feel that modern " Punk " bands dont have the same flair as those from the 70s. I think that Blink 182, Sum 41 or any other for that matter pale in comparission. I may have missed something out but and would love to hear about any good contemporary punk albums. Any other sugestions of music i might like is always welcome.
  • General Comments about new music Discoveries

    11. Jun. 2006, 10:31

    I have recently been listening to more music since I started using Last Fm. Here is a short summary of my finds and what I think about them.
    The Rapture: they have that " disco - Punk " thing going on almost electroclash but a bit less electronica. I really like there song " house of Jealous lovers" and "olio". In my opinion subastantially better thanThe Bravery or The Killers. I predict their next album will be huge especially with the help of their new producerDanger Mouse responsible Gnarles Barkely hit crazy.
    The Rakes Pretty good post post punk a bit like The Libertines or Arctic Monkeys except without the drugs/model girlfriend or the overhyping, respectively. I have heard comparisons to Interpol as well but i havent listened to enough of them.
    Editorsthe cliche response is they sound like Joy Division. This may be true but they sound like a much pop orientated joy division, still gloomy but much more accessible
    Well thats all for now. If Any one has any recomendations judging from what i like i would love to hear them.
  • Mixed Tapes

    10. Jun. 2006, 10:10

    So there is a magazine called Rip It Up in the Small City Of Adelaide ,Austalia. Its basically a free magazine that comes out each week with info on local happenings like gigs and festivals. They had at one time a section where they printed peoples Mixed "Tapes". I put quotation marks around Tapes as it isnt literally a tape or even a cd its just an arbitary list of songs. So my call to fame seems to be the fact that I got my playlist in there. the Mixed Tape is as follows:
    Blue Monday
    White Unicorn
    Somebody Told Me
    New Slang
    The End Has No End
    there wasnt a prize or anything excepts the possible Kudos of your music taste being bona Fide by a magazine. soon afterward the magazine stopped having that section, i suspect that the eighth of a page is probably now used for more adevertising. At the moment im thinking of just making another "Mixed Tape" but just for fun. I want to have the same theme of Indie rock/ pop such as Stars ,Death Cab for Cutie,Broken Social Scene... and "Dance"punk/ neo post punk such as LCD Soundsystem,The Rapture, The Futureheads and maybe a bit of electroclash such as Ladytron. I will probably post a playlist in the near future. Any Sugestions of songs or Artists would be much appreciated