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Über mich

"Lend me the pillow....
...the one that you dream on"

"I've got a coat tail left to ride"

"If it's all the same to you,
here's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna buy a gun
gonna shoot everything, everyone
and then I'm comin' for you
'cus it was you that drove me to"

"Isn't it enough to know
that I ruined a pony
making a gift for you?"

"Crack a smile
Adjust my tie
Know your butler,
unlike other guys
Why would you lie about
how much coal you have?
Why would you lie about something dumb like that?
Why would you lie about anything at all?"

"And he stole
from the rich and the poor
and the not-very-rich
and the very poor"

"We held our tongues throughout it
One day we'll laugh about it"

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