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Über mich

I tried to rebel against my own rebellion
To make a pile of nothing
And work on what is natural

Because you are god,
I prayed all my desires to you
Late into the night
My ink is heaven prayer
My mind can see super natural
Moving counter clockwise
Contour shapes swinging against
The arc of the sun
Swindling magicians in my ink streams
To be dosed by the holy water of their magic

I broke off a piece and tried to bring it back
Before the sun eclipsed the moon
The string untwined, in the pattern of a snake
Burying itself into my skin
Lost in a vision field of golden color
The studious face of a girl leaning
With her head in the flowers
Aiming a shot at infinity
Insanity twisting her fingers into
Her eyes at the edges
Like the break of dawn
Forevermore, seeing the naked and new
Terribly cold in it warm significance

The story of the one who loved too much
The sounds of uncharted territory coming up

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