Nickolas Peres, 17, Männlich, Brasilien
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Über mich

I can not wait for things, I can not explain my actions, I have no principles, my ends always justify the means, and critical hypocrisy, even though the practice. I pretend to like people, and I work hard for them to like me. I’m selfish, altruistic, practical and self-centeredness that I have a right to psychosis. I have attention deficit, sociopathy and ease in manipulating people. Make you change your mind easily and in five minutes of conversation, I will make you believe that two plus two equals fish. Tripolarity filled with some compulsions, exaggerations and laziness. Initially scares you, bore you, annoy you, but relaxes with time you get used to. If you want to know more, let’s sit down and order a coffee, because the story is long, and this is just the prologue.

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