Pennybridge Pioneers Anniversary Tour


2. Mär. 2011, 12:11

Mon 28 Feb – Pennywise, Millencolin, Mad Caddies

What can i say; awesome gig. Pennywise were excellent. I am a fan now not having listened to them until at the show. And my ears and throat just blew up when Millencolin started playing. They started the gig playing the whole of Pennybridge Pioneers from start to finish. Very awesome. Then they played a heap of old songs; well mainly the singles from my favourite Millencolin album - Life on a Plate. Killercrush, The Story of My Life, Friends Til the End, Move Your Car, Bullion, Mr Clean, Random I Am and more. The only shame was they didn't play for nearly long enough. Probably 80-90 minutes. I was expecting 100+ minutes. But i guess they didn't want to upstage legends Pennywise too much. 10/10!


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