Throbbing GristlePersuasion Lieblingslied gestern Morgen
His Name Is AliveCan’t Go Wrong Without You Lieblingslied vor 9 Tagen
Death in JuneFall Apart Lieblingslied vor 10 Tagen
Conrad SchnitzlerTanze Im Regen Lieblingslied vor 13 Tagen
Martin RevMari Lieblingslied vor 13 Tagen
The Gun ClubThe Breaking Hands Lieblingslied letzten Monat
Moss IconLocket Lieblingslied letzten Monat
TaakeHordalands Doedskvad Part III Lieblingslied letzten Monat
Marine GirlsTonight? Lieblingslied letzten Monat
Wolves in the Throne RoomI Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots Lieblingslied September 2014
Have a Nice LifeThe Icon and the Axe Lieblingslied September 2014
CoilSex with Sun Ra (Part One - Saturnalia) Lieblingslied August 2014
Song Of SatanSatan Is King Lieblingslied August 2014
PulpBabies Lieblingslied August 2014
Pearls Before SwineThe Jeweler Lieblingslied August 2014
NicoAfraid Lieblingslied August 2014
Fripp & EnoSwastika Girls Lieblingslied August 2014
Beat HappeningIndian Summer Lieblingslied August 2014
Marine GirlsHoney Lieblingslied August 2014
Puerto Rico Flowers3 Sisters Lieblingslied August 2014
FeltSunlight Bathed the Golden Glow Lieblingslied August 2014
Have a Nice LifeThe Big Gloom Lieblingslied Juli 2014
The SundaysHere's Where the Story Ends Lieblingslied Juni 2014
WireThe 15th Lieblingslied April 2014
Red House PaintersMistress (Piano version) Lieblingslied Februar 2014
Have a Nice LifeI Don't Love Lieblingslied Januar 2014
His Name Is AliveWhy People Disappear Lieblingslied Januar 2014
His Name Is AliveIf July Lieblingslied Januar 2014
CoilThe Gimp (Sometimes) Lieblingslied November 2013
The FallI Am Damo Suzuki Lieblingslied November 2013
Michael GiraWhere Does Your Body Begin? Lieblingslied September 2013
Have a Nice LifeWoe Unto Us Lieblingslied September 2013
Death in JuneDaedalus Rising Lieblingslied September 2013
Cold CaveA Little Death To Laugh Lieblingslied September 2013
My Bloody ValentineOff Your Face Lieblingslied August 2013
BodychokeControl Lieblingslied August 2013
SwansNo Cure for the Lonely Lieblingslied August 2013
:Of the Wand & the Moon:Watch The Skyline Catch Fire Lieblingslied Juli 2013
CoilAll the Pretty Little Horses Lieblingslied Juni 2013
The Jesus and Mary ChainApril Skies Lieblingslied Juni 2013
FeltBallad Of The Band Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Antony and the JohnsonsSoft Black Stars Lieblingslied Mai 2013
His Name Is AliveCaroline's Supposed Demon Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Crispin Hellion GloverAuto-Manipulator Lieblingslied Mai 2013
CoilWhere Are You? Lieblingslied Mai 2013
This Mortal CoilTarantula Lieblingslied April 2013
EurythmicsHere Comes The Rain Again Lieblingslied Januar 2013
DanzigDominion Lieblingslied August 2012
Julian CopeUpwards At 45 Degrees Lieblingslied August 2012
SPKWalking on Dead Steps Lieblingslied Mai 2012