Blipblop Mix


7. Nov. 2008, 15:52

Listen to this mix here -

BlipBlop, otherwise known as Bitpop or Chiptunes (and quite possibly a number of other things) is a new type of music, but also a (slightly) old one. The idea is to make music using outdated consoles and computers. Bit Shifter, for example, composes entirely on the Nintendo Game Boy. Strict restrictions on creativity like this are counter-intuitive - the more you are handicapped, the more you think of clever ways to get around problems. Having said that, some of the tracks and artists here stray a fair bit from that idea. But you get the point.

1. Anamanaguchi- Sting Operation
2. Bit Shifter - Hexadecimal Genome
3. Teamtendo - Philippines Volunteers
4. Random - Sitges Savepoint
5. Kid Carpet - Jump
6. Boy vs. Bacteria - Get Naked (The Stomp)
7. Paza - Crazy Bird
8. Slagsmålsklubben - Malmo Beach Night Party
9. Linde - Ryssland
10. Nullsleep - Dirty ROM Dance Mix
11. Rob Hubbard - Commando
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  • root_42

    My recommendation is Puss. Music produced on a Gameboy Classic. :)

    13. Nov. 2008, 17:06
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