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The Dirty HeadsLay Me Down Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
Slightly StoopidCollie Man Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
The Dirty HeadsShine Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
PepperAshes Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
PassafireLaquiji Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
SublimePawn Shop Lieblingslied 20. Mai. 2011
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Über mich

General trouble maker and all around mishief maven. Lover of Harry Potter and a ton of indie bands. General moderator and busy bee for Narwhaler. A heavy supporter of narwhal day and other silly holidays. A blogger, creative, artist, painter, and lover of Stella Artois.

I listen to all kinds of music and don't really limit myself to any one thing. I do however have a specific listening pattern when I'm doing various activities. After coming home from work and eating dinner, I generally listen to something chill like sneaker pimps or tool. When my night coffee kicks in and I'm done watching Entourage or House, I'll listen to either some Smashing Pumpkins, some new things I haven't heard before, or occasionally some techno. Later in the night, I'm almost always found playing some techno while I'm working away at projects. Pretty much all the techno/trance artists come to mind when I'm trying to describe my playlist. I typically play them on youtube, but am slowly switching over to last.fm. The videos sometimes suck me in.


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