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  • Kaori9

    Hi. :) Having read you like electro-metal stuff, I think you should check out the band First Class Trash (if you haven´t heard of them). I think the´ve made a good job recording their album Party Through Apocalypse, especially Dead Heart and Bite Me Like You Mean It sound really great. Think you might like ´em.

    29. Dez. 2013 Antworten

Über mich

Hi dere! I'm a huge fan of metal, of pretty much any category. Besides hair metal... or screechy shit like suicide silence. I love doom metal, Circus Metal, Metalcore, etc. Melodic death metal is probably my favorite category. I'm also randomly a huge fan of electronic, industrial, techno, trance and any fusion between electronic and metal. If you have any similarities between our tastes then congrats! You actually have damn good taste :D.

...Oh and look up Mike Waver CGHUB on Google if you'd like to see my art :P.

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