Warthane, 6, Südafrika
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Über mich

The ritual emanations of Warthane simmered for many years in the heart and mind of lead vocalist and guitarist Sean Gouws, after crafting a line up of pure black magic, along with Nazar on lead guitar, Dieter on bass guitar and Gavin on blasting drums saw the true birth of Warthane which brought several elements of atmosphere and darkness that have taken Warthane into realms unexplored.

Warthane have a certain mystique and cold beauty to their music, going much deeper into the imagination of darkness and illuminating the Chaos that is Warthane. The pure diligence and beauty of their music is simply enthralling, taking ones breathe away every time you listen to them or witness them live.

Warthane entered the studio in the fall of 2008, this saw the birth of their first album entitled “The Gallows Are Calling”. The album received amazing reviews all around the world. With headlining shows all over Southern Africa and captivating ceremonies of aggression and sinister atmosphere lead the band to high acclaim. This also saw the band taking their powerful and fiery performance to broader shores, hitting Europe in the middle of 2009, Warthane gained much respect been the first black thrash metal band from South Africa, to play in Switzerland and in many different areas of Germany, gaining stunning reviews on there live shows. Also having radio interviews in Europe not to mention Wacken radio, With their album been played on the station as well with fans clearly loving the fresh dark sound of Warthane.

The majesty of Warthane as a live band is a visual feast. It is through their power and grace upon the stage that manifests black thrash with pure beauty and chaos. Warthane’s black flames shine with an experience of amazing dark intention and show no sign of slowing down. Warthane are currently working on their new album entitled “Black Divine”, which is set to be released in the later part of 2010, Warthane are also embarking on yet another European tour in 2010 and are determined to put their mark on the world of Metal.

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