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Youth of TodayThinking Straight 7. Feb. 2012
ExpireSleep Lost Lieblingslied 7. Feb. 2012
XibalbaCold 7. Feb. 2012
FoundationNever Stops Raining 7. Feb. 2012
Suburban ScumDead End Path 7. Feb. 2012
Bitter EndUnjust 7. Feb. 2012
Harm's WayScrambled 7. Feb. 2012
Gorilla BiscuitsTime Flies 7. Feb. 2012
DisengageThink For Yourself 7. Feb. 2012
Harm's WayNew Beginnings Lieblingslied 7. Feb. 2012
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Über mich

Stellar Mass GRO J1655-40.
-(On phone) Hello, Charlie.
- Wrong number, pal. My name's Don.
- Oh, no, this is the right number. This is Charles Michael Collins... oh, I don't know why you changed your name to Don Wallace, and moved your family to 12 Marigold Lane, Springdale, Ohio. It's almost as if you were trying to skip out on our little deal.
- (Terrified) How did you find me?
- Oh, I never lost you, Chaz. You've become my hobby!

I found something better. Thanks.

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