Young the Crowd


25. Feb. 2012, 21:40

Thu 23 Feb – Young the Giant, Walk the Moon

High energy and excitement were brought to The Riviera Theater stage as sensation Young the Giant played another sold out show in their still fresh, MTV endorsed tour with Walk the Moon. The Irvine, California group rocked and danced the stage with crashing drums, pop ballad guitar riffs and soaring vocals from lead singer Sameer Gadhia. It didn't take any time to get the youthful crowd completely involved. With vibrant light displays and illuminated cubes accenting the stage the five piece band had all systems working as they played radio hits 'Cough Syrup' and summer-jam 'Strings'.

The steady ascension of anticipation from the crowd continued to build throughout the entirety of the show. From the moment Gadhia and company greeted the crowd through the proverbial encore, the entire venue was filled electric lights, wailing vocals, poppy guitar riffs and a little crowd surfing! The encore added an unprecedented reappearance of the entire band in fur coats for a Chicago-only rendition of native R. Kelly's Ignition Remix. It was a smashing success of blended hip-hop beats and pop vocals. The grand finale came in the form of the danceable 'My Body', arguably the most upbeat song of the night. These guys simply ignited the crowd and did MTV proud. This is a must see live band if you want to be young... or feel like a giant. There, I said it.


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