• The Flesh ov thee Eye [archive 001]

    19. Nov. 2010, 9:38

    UPON THESE CROWNED AND HORNED AND HOARY HEADS: these heads of many, this head of one. THE TONGUES SPOKEN ARE MANY (but sound as one) AND ARE DESCENDING with viral sonics. THE SIRENS scream out binary codes. I return to the Thorax Data Morgue with ear plugs and the death and rebirth of Legion and its new human host. The influences of quasi-catatonic materials need a container of skin and blood. The influences of unknown spaces can now be felt. Conjure Red, White and Black ectoplasmic tools. Twenty seven seals can prepare and anesthetize the room for ritual surgery. THEN VIRAL NAMES CAN INVOKE HOLES IN TIME AND SPACE, and the governing towers of Enochian Adam will release angelic prisoners for hostage negotiations. Spiral hooks rotate beneath skin, and cabal papers jar in the night with written words that bleed. Animals that see and speak in the dark hang upside down. Strange animals with carapaces sleep during the day in the cities of Man. Nocturnal animals with carapaces breach all earthen contracts and become rogue agents. THIS IS THE ARMOR TYPE OF THE NEW GOD OF THE MOUND. THIS IS THE ANIMAL OF THE NIGHT OF THE LAST AGE. This is the nocturnal, armored, hanging animal shielded from the weapons of Man (including the atom). The dug up paintings, found in the first sunken city, painted by blind prophets, OUTBREAK and rage. Invader vampirical doors open wide. Destructor doors merge together to form one door. I know she made ointment from another's blood and rubbed a doorway that tore open like long cuts. Now, he (Legion) sits with knives through his feet. He is a FALSE OBJECT and will never be able to read or write in this world. For him, books are sewn together. Books have their own needles and thread. For her, only, there are many drawings on a small table and open books that cover the floor, walls and ceiling, forever. UNNATURAL CYCLES unfold and also descend with their directive to re-write the core of our world. Blood can be air. The sky can breakdown to see in hidden gardens of dust and despair through flesh that too descends. The flesh of the eye looks into the hole and calls the sky to amputate. Hands that descend can turn the sky and pull the skin inside out. The animals of the other believers will bless ground for their children. They will talk with curved fingers and never tell hearts. They will strong the ground and ground the fire and the catapult. They will HOLD. The old body will open. The body will become. The spaces in rooms without windows or doors are a new shelter to reside. EYES THAT ARE HOLES IN INVISIBLE BODIES will warp the wolf of the door of the doppleganger that sees the layers for what they truly are with its eyes of flesh. Wash with wood.
  • Construct

    20. Apr. 2010, 8:19

    Destroy the Destroyer. Rebuild the Builder. Time to open my eyes for this day. Repair molecular machines with bandages of dark matter circuitry, photosynthetic cellular membrane and bionic bio-symbolic, white noise siginal sigils. But, my eyes are too tired to see and my tongue is too tired to speak, and I must whisper the barbarous words of call signs in order to stitch the cogs of this metamechanical protoarchane organism. These rusted and decayed pieces and parts must get back onto their designated threaded tracks. Again I need to open my eyes and my mouth today, I can destroy the destructor. I will rebuild the broken builder and manipulate the matter inside and outside.
  • Primordial Son

    15. Apr. 2010, 11:22

    I am a forcefield.
    At the wall of sleep.
    And I have stolen your father's weapon to destroy you with.
    I am a topological feature of space-time.
  • Exorcising Poison

    14. Apr. 2010, 8:35

    I will not allow this poison to consume the body. I will transmute this poison. The punctures from the stinger and from the tooth have regenerated. The holes are healed. I will transfigure the venom left within. I will not allow this poison to run its course. Petrifaction will not reconstitute the body. I will shift the shape of the poison and the body will become a fortified tower. I will make serum. I will stockpile antibodies. Antibodies that will purify the pollutions of this contaminated timeline. I will not allow this poison to be.
  • Rest when you can for as little as you can (and dream)

    14. Apr. 2010, 1:00

    Dig your trench deep and prepare yourself even more so. Set up your sentries, be vigilant and never rest with both eyes closed. Keep one eye always on the borderlands of the secret memories you hold dear beneath your uniform of mediocrity. Listen for the sounds of bastard intruders, for they will rummage through your past tragedies to steal anything that glimmers of hope or smells of innocence. Always maintan a tight patrol on these borders and allow your dogs to this frontier as they will. Let their violent nature guide them as they purify your territories from thieves and liars. They will protect your lands, preying upon defiliers as you seek respit. When you do sleep, dream hidden in the thickets of wild flowers, ivy and fallen branches. Prepare your thoughts as the sun rises and collect the remains of what was once you.