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7. Mai. 2010, 7:15

Theme chosen by The Monthly Mixtape
A clear winner for a simple theme this month then. So before the end of May please post a mix for the group featuring male or female names. If you want, make it even more interesting and only feature one name, or group members' names, or songs with full names (first name and surname) in the titles, etc.

Genre: Mostly light indie-rock bands and singer-songwriters

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Some highlights
* "Sullivan" by Caroline's Spine is based on the true story of five brothers serving in the Navy during World War II. All five perished in a torpedo attack on their ship.

* The track by Okkervil River is a 7 minute ballad that was featured on their freely released covers album Golden Opportunities.(link)

1. Bobby Darin - "Mack the Knife" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

2. The Beatles - "Lady Madonna" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

3. Joe Purdy - "Cinderella & The A Train" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

4. State Radio - "Mr. Larkin" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

5. Grant Lee Buffalo - "Lady Godiva and Me" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

6. Leonard Cohen - "Suzanne" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

7. Barenaked Ladies - "Brian Wilson (Live)" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

8. The Killers - "Romeo and Juliet" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

9. Cake - "Frank Sinatra" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

10. Damien Jurado - "Gillian Was a Horse" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

11. Lucky Boys Confusion - "Fred Astaire" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

12. Caroline's Spine - "Sullivan (acoustic)" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

13. Foy Vance - "Gabriel and the Vagabond" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

14. Sufjan Stevens - "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

15. The National - "Abel" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

16. Okkervil River - "Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

17. Elliott Smith - "No Name #1" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

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