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20. Apr. 2010, 3:01

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This week's theme: "Geek" is this month's theme. You have free reign to make as geeky a mix as you like, e.g. songs in the key of B flat minor, and/or by bands with the same initials, and/or at a similar BPM, etc. Or you could widen the theme and mix together songs about geeks, computers or trains.
The reason I call it a Start Me Up playlist is because all the songs in the collection start within the first 5 seconds. That is, the lyrics begin almost immediately after clicking play.

Most of these songs are catchy and fairly accessible. It's mostly indie rock songs with some alternative rock from the 90s/00s. If you like it, send me a message on my wall. It's 79 minutes so it'll fit on a CD (people still use CDs?).

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P.S. I recommend track 14.

1. Metric - "Gimme Sympathy" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

2. Cold War Kids - "Audience" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

3. The Beatles - "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

4. Bright Eyes - "Happy Accident" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

5. The Mendoza Line - "Aspect of an Old Maid" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

6. Desaparecidos - "The Happiest Place On Earth" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

7. Grant Lee Buffalo - "Demon Called Deception" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

8. Editors - "You Don't Know Love" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

9. Sunset Rubdown - "They Took A Vote And Said No" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

10. Swan Lake - "The Freedom" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

11. The Decemberists - "16 Military Wives" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

13. Delta Spirit - "People C'mon" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

14. Okkervil River - "John Allyn Smith Sails" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

15. Sponge - "Molly" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

16. Live - "Waitress" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

17. Rage Against the Machine - "Maria" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

18. Lucky Boys Confusion - "Fred Astaire" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

19. Oar - "City on Down" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

20. Ben Folds Five - "Army" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

21. Custom - "Hey Mister" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

22. Neutral Milk Hotel - "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" (Wikipedia) (MySpace)

23. Jonathan Coulton - "Code Monkey" (Wikipedia) (MySpace) (the best geek song EVER)

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  • iite_becky

    this is awesome. 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16. yes.

    3. Jun. 2010, 20:59
  • w3stfa11

    You forgot about the other 15 tracks. ;) If you like Cold War Kids, you'll probably enjoy Delta Spirit too. They toured together years ago and they've got a new album out.

    4. Jun. 2010, 5:22
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