C. Reider - Fragment Three Re-Works


14. Jul. 2010, 3:21

c. reider has just released his newest recording, compositions based on twenty-year-old tracks by both PBK and Vidna Obmana!
Vidna Obmana is as close to a household name for ambient music as you can get, and he was gracious enough to not only let me transform his music from pretty calming ambient music into spiky / noisy / weird not-quite-ambient music, but he okayed its release for free on my netlabel Vuzh Music
P B K is a highly regarded noise musician, he and I have worked together somewhat frequently over the years, most recently on the collaborative CD "Discorporate". His music is a constant source of inspiration to experimental musicians worldwide.
The two of them released a split tape in 1991 called "Fragment 3". This new recording by c. reider is a track-by-track deconstruction of each song, rendering something new with the raw material provided by these two incredible artists.
With amazing artwork by Anna Guseva, and music by turns frightening and mesmerizing, this one is not to be missed by any lover of experimental noisy ambient music.

artist: c. reider
title: Fragment Three Re-Works
format: mp3
keywords: experimental, noiseambient, drone

Download the whole thing here
Watch this video by Thomas Park (of Mystified):
Akzeptierte Übermittlungen
netlabels, Ambient Noise Horror


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