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BrandyI Wanna Be Down (Grades Remix) 12. Apr., 17:24
YTCrackerBitcoin Baron 14. Nov. 2013
YTCrackerBitcoin Baron 14. Nov. 2013
YTCrackerBitcoin Baron 13. Nov. 2013
FugeesFamily Business 13. Nov. 2013
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Google Chrome has an extension that scrobbles youtube videos you watch! I'm sure Firefox has one too! Yay! :D

Some things aren't meant to be seen. *grin*

"We live in industrialized societies where the mantra is: It has to be easy. This attitude decides most choices of most people.

Music is message. Basically there are three different messages:

1. Escapism: Life is ugly. Let me help you forget about it for a while. That's the message of pop.

2. Self pity and anger: Life is ugly. Let me show you how ugly it is. Loads of rock etc. shows this attitude. (And so does much classical avant-garde.)

3. Spirituality and serenity: Life is beautiful. Let me show you the beauty and meaningfulness beneath its apparent ugliness and chaos. This is what some musical traditions, including the classical traditions of Asia and Europe, try to achieve.

The problem with the latter message is that it is much more difficult for the musician to create. It is also more difficult for the listener to understand and appreciate."

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