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Kylie MinogueCowboy Style 17. Jun., 3:13
Kylie MinogueToo Far 17. Jun., 3:08
Kim WildeLoving You More 16. Jun., 22:15
Kim WildeLost Without You 16. Jun., 22:11
Kim WildeTogether We Belong (Radio Edit) 16. Jun., 22:07
Oingo BoingoCan't See (Useless) 16. Jun., 21:44
Oingo BoingoMary 16. Jun., 21:40
John CarpenterResistor 16. Jun., 21:25
John CarpenterCloudland 16. Jun., 21:23
CurveOn the Wheel 16. Jun., 21:16
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Über mich

I live in LA.Born and Raised I have a youtube channel hipster73 with videos from a bunch of LA Bands..I like Music..Probably a little much. I probably go to too many concerts too, One day I might grow up but probably not. I like my rock bands sleezy.Pop warms the soul.Electro makes me wanna dance. Fucking to NIN can be fun.A Kim Wilde Song will always make me smile and a day is not complete without some Siouxsie.Madonna bores me. I will admit to liking Danni Minogue more than Kylie.Scott Bondy has the sexiest voice in Music.I used to think Bowie was god until he made Hours. The best thing about living in LA is seeing a great local band do thier thing.Fuck or Fucking is my favorite word. Great White Sharks are cool and should eat more people.I Like Sunday Mornings.Roller Coasters beat me up in my 30's like mosh pits did in my 20's.Seeing A Sparks concert always makes them my favorite band for a day.Cool People listen to Juliana.If Oingo Boingo reunited I would be very fucking happy. Coachellla falling on my birthday is very cool, The Kills make me swoon!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - voodoohipster

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