• newest obsession

    25. Jul. 2011, 4:53

    Wounded Rhymes

    her vocals remind me of the lead from the Shangri -las, and though her previous work was mostly pop, this album seems to be a turning point for her. i usually base my favorite albums on the number of tracks that appeal to me on the first listen, and if I like even half of the album i'll spend the money on it assuming that the rest of the tracks will just grow on me. this album was 90% gold on the first listen, i just can't hear enough of it.
  • unquiet, nonsilent

    6. Apr. 2011, 19:27

    by hesohi
    all music i've only recently started enjoying. all the tracks by themselves are new favorites, his mix makes it perfect to listen to at work; keeps my mind guessing, keeps my mood solid. great work, Douglas :-) Miss you.

    unquiet, nonsilent

    track listing

    001."noise three"- art of noise
    002."gone to earth" - david sylvian
    003."after the flood" - talk talk
    004."hana"- asa chang and jun ray
    005."another another day"- roy harper meets this mortal coil
    006."noise two"- art of noise
    007."island"- art of noise
    008."i wonder if i will ever come to rest"- mahailia Jackson
    009."where the railroad meets the sea"- david sylvian
    010."my angel rocks me back and fourth"- four tet
    011."rock my boat"- dntel
    012."going going gone"- frisell, holccomb, horowitz
    013."daniel"- tortoise and prince bonnie billy
    014."providence"- sonic youth
    015."subtle body"- fila brazillia
    016."pablo's cruise"- the avalanches
  • old me

    29. Mär. 2011, 5:32


    when did this song start applying to me? i'm getting old really fast, and this song is like the soundtrack to my decline