Great bands I discovered in 2008


5. Jan. 2009, 17:47

Hello my friends
This is a list of great bands that I discovered this year. Some of these bands may be old friends of yours others may be unknown until this point but all of these groups are exceptional. I hope you enjoy these bands! -Vile1

Rome is a Luxembourgian neofolk/martial industrial act on the Cold
Meat Industry label.
Der Wolfsmantel

Judgehydrogen deeply depressive. Each track is characterized by a complex lush layering. Some tracks are deeply meditative others quite abrasive.
Cursed Name

Coph Nia is the dark ambient/martial music act from Sweden formed by Aldenon Satorial. Coph Nia’s music tends to drift between dark ambient soundscapes and ritual anthems.
The New Oath

Of the Wand and the Moon is the creative live and recorded music works of musician Kim Larsen from Denmark and various guest contributors.
Nighttime In Sonnenheim

Gnaw Their Tongues From the Netherlands, an Avant-garde/black Metal/drone/noise/funeral doom mixture… A great mixture to make you groan in pain.
Teeth That Leer Like Open Graves

Metus dark and melancholic at the first glance (echoes of dark wave, gothic & neoclassical sounds), you’ll find much more deeper meaning while engrossed in lyrics.

Spiritual Front With fervent ballads combining elements of “Mafia-folk”, Ennio Morricone and Nick Cave - refined with a shot of Rock’n’Roll-Spirit, the Italian band Spiritual Front, along with their sympathetic singer Simone Salvatori have nestled cosily among different styles of music.

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas is an Austrian band combining the styles of dark ambient and darkwave with gothic imagery.
Dusk And Void Became Alive

Ice Ages : Dark haunting industrial music
Far Gone Light

Lycia They forged a relentlessy dark and driving sound with a wall of shimmery guitars and keyboards, pounding drums, overlaid by Van Portfleet’s unmistakable whispery ghostly vocals.
The Kite

In Slaughter Natives
Ashes of Angels

Moon of Amber


Storm of Capricorn

Wolves in the Throne Room

Silent Love of Death

In Ruin
Let Us Kiss and Part


A Mournful Bridge Over A River

Reasonably Miserable

Stays Demons


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