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    hi lisa peace luv rock n roll

    Juli 2011
  • kjelt1963

    Hey.. melancholic.. Prefab's Proud.. :)

    Februar 2011
  • ednaha

    I, myself, like the Muppets/U2 connection. (As long as the Muppets headline.)

    Februar 2010
  • MC-Escher

    Hi. Try to find Karine et Rebecca Although it's French, it is sung by a 4 and 6 year old girl, sounds so cute, I think your daughter would like it. Dick

    Januar 2008
  • sonados

    it's cool to admit your into btb (bob the builder) I now actually understand tellytubbies !

    Januar 2008
  • pica19

    i know it's you listening to bananas in pj's

    Juli 2006
  • qshiba

    give your child a good music education and you wont suffer when she will grow old:)

    Juni 2006