• No music ftw?

    27. Nov. 2008, 4:08

    Wheee. Yes, you read that correctly. No one has spiked your <insert random drink of choice here>. You're not going to die of food poisoning.

    But you might die of lack of music... :/ Or I might, rather.

    My entire external drive decided it didn't like me anymore and now refuses to work. So that means my entire collection of music, anime, games, and other 400+ GBs worth of data went along on the forever-long vacation of HDD-Deadness. Fun fun.

    So now all I've been listening to is Flyleaf. And then I remembered the CDs I burned some of my music to for my brother, so I ripped that (if you see any music with no title showing up on here, it's because I haven't renamed the tracks or anything - most of it is from TFK's Flame in All of Us album). I also have my Skillet and Newsboys CDs, and my brother's RED CD.

    'course, it's not like I have room for all that. Or maybe I do. I dunno. I usually encode it all in .flac, which doesn't really stand for Freaking Lionsized Area Cleaner (cleaner being cleaning out all my free space so I don't have any left over, for lack of a better word), but I still like it anyway.

    If I'm lucky I may still get my stuff back, though. Which would, needless to say, be awesome. Yea.

    And now I'll shut up and let you return to your scrobbling. ^_^