• ska shows comin up!

    22. Aug. 2005, 3:08

    september is gonna be a great month!
    first off becos the 16th is my birthday.
    On September 21, 2005, Streetlight Manifesto are playin at the chain reaction in anaheim with Whole Wheat Bread, Chenca Berrinches, La Banda Skalavera, and The Culprits!!!!
    I can't wait for that show! I need to go. I saw Streetlight Manifesto once and fell in love.
    So then on September 30, 2005 the Plea for Peace Bicycle Tour 2005
    is coming to the chain reaction again. and its gonna be RX BANDITS, Mike Park (Bruce Lee Band, Skanking Pickle) & Dan Potthast (MU330)!!!!!
    omg omg omg im so going. =)
    Great stuff coming up! I can't wait!