• TheOnlyPhoenix

    You are made of win and gold!

    September 2006
  • newklear2k

    Really, it should be in the area of about 200,000, but tagging issues (my plugin HATES some of my tags). Ah well, music is good. ps. tat's quite the cute icon you've got thar =]

    August 2006
  • newklear2k

    You've got quite a lovely collective of musical taste. =]

    Juli 2006
  • balls mahoney

    I admire your strong devotion- added you as a friend.

    Juli 2006
  • bkarch9

    you are cool cuz you like dave matthews band!!!

    Juni 2006
  • celestial_

    hey! how are you?

    Juni 2006
  • Carolaah

    Please help us revolt against our Dave Matthews Band group leader. He hasn't shown up for months now, and we can only change our moderator by a revolution, we need your vote. So we can finally put up a groupimage. Visit the DMB-group to vote.

    Mai 2006
  • Raconteur

    remember whennnn we wanted stevie nicks to be our mother? i think about that everytime i see like candids of her haha. i am like mommy!!!

    März 2006