Favourite tracks (A-Z)... two years later!


5. Apr. 2008, 22:47

Exactly 2 years ago I wrote this A-Z of fave tracks..

A to Z of songs in my collection. The only 3 rules I applied are 1. Alphabetical (obviously) 2. Terrific Music 3. Songs (IOW, no classical stuff, dance etc. - otherwise it would never be finished).

I've incidentally become 2 years older - let's make this a tradition!

A: Again & Again
B: Big Dog
C: The Cottage on the Beach
D: Drown With Me
E: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes
F: First Love
G: Golden The Pony Boy
H: Hide And Seek
I: Invitation to the Blues
Je Suis Venu Pour Elle
K: Kijk Door M'n Ogen (Feat. Mr Probz)
L: Like U Crazy
M: Mind Over Money
N: Now in these Fairy Lands
O: One Night On Earth
P: Paris
Q: Queste e Quelle
R: Rue De La Paix
S: The Scale
T: Top Ranking
U: Une Année Sans Lumière
V: Voor ik vergeet
W: Waiting for Something
X: X and Y
Y: You Haven't Found It Yet
Z: Zeg Me Wie Je Ziet

see you next year!


  • stachuj

    such a cool toplist i think i make one like this myself :D and top ranking would be my t song too. :D

    3. Okt. 2008, 15:27
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