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Über mich

John Graham has been involved with music since 1996 when he first realized his gift of freestyle. It started on the west coast in the East Bay area of Northern California. It wasn't until he moved to the Philadelphia metro area in 1998 to attend Lincoln University that he would meet some of the most influential M.C.'s that would water the soil for his passion for music to grow.

He linked up with his partner in Rhyme Taishon Milbourne (@niccomak) to create a hip-hop duo called The U.N. (Urban Negligents) who would go on to record a full feature album "The Summit" and a lyrically spectacular mixtape "The Passion of The Mics". After going there separate ways musically but remaining best friends to this day, John ventured into the rap battle scene for a brief period and then began work on his first solo feature project called "Hurry Up & Wait", which was a mixtape that was never released officially but created a major demand for more.

After taking 2 1/2 years off from music all together to grow and mature as a person John has returned to share his gift of speech with the world. The highly anticipated "Ascension Methods" project was released in on July 4th, 2010 and is has delivered something that was sorely missed in music... Balance!

John says about the project: "I provide a mirror for those to examine themselves and determine which parts of their character they must conquer, overcome, or subdue to achieve their full potential. I call it Mirror Music!"

He's a student of the world, both physical and spiritual. He's an educator, not an entertainer! John is not seeking to gain world wide notoriety as the next big thing in entertainment. His motivation is pure and from a foundation of love and light. John's intention is to create music that will open dialogue between all races, cultures, political affiliations, and beyond as we all must face issues that supersede any of the things that keep us divided.

His smooth delivery and ability to speak to the inner being of his listener ensures that no matter what you look like on the outside, you will feel the power of a message that is nothing short of inspiring!