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Traveling WilburysHeading for the Light Gestern um 20:30
AdeleDon't You Remember Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:26
Alan JacksonRemember When Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:24
Alan JacksonRight Where I Want You Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:18
Alan JacksonI Still Love You Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:16
Paul CarrackYou Don't Know Me Gestern um 20:11
Paul CarrackI'm Losing You Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:07
Paul CarrackOne In A Million Gestern um 20:03
Paul CarrackGood Feeling About It Gestern um 19:59
Paul CarrackSatisfy My Soul Gestern um 19:55
Cliff RichardIt's No Use Pretending 27. Jan., 20:20
Glen CampbellThe Moon's A Harsh Mistress 27. Jan., 20:16
Elvis PresleyWhat Now, What Next, Where To 27. Jan., 20:13
Paul CarrackIf I Should Fall Behind Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 20:08
Paul CarrackYou Don't Know Me 27. Jan., 19:55
Paul CarrackI'm Losing You Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 19:52
Paul CarrackI'm Losing You Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 19:48
Paul CarrackOver My Shoulder 27. Jan., 19:45
Paul CarrackThe Living Years Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 19:39
Paul CarrackI Think It's Going to Rain Today 27. Jan., 19:35
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Über mich

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy my will find a load of Elvis stuff , everybody should have at least 1 album in their collection !
Other singers range from the Beatles to ZZ Top but include:
Alan Jackson
Brad Paisley
Gretchin Peters
Jackson Browne
Paul Carrack - check him out for a pure vocalist
Dixie Chicks - actually most all american country singers

Music can save your soul when the world deals you the cruelest of blows - words below by Bruce Springsteen:

''Now everyone dreams of a love lasting and true
But you and I know what this world can do
So lets make our steps clear that the other may see
And I'll wait for you
If I should fall behind
Wait for me''

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