11. Okt. 2009, 0:06

October 9, 2009 brought my first punk concert in Japan. And it was great. The first band, SA were, are and will be the first and self-proclaimed best punk band in Japan (agreed). They did a huge show (especially considering that they're not exactly youngsters), and i had my first moshpit experience in Japan, and it was the same as for example on Die Ärzte on last year's Sziget. To be honest, i don't know SA much but they made a great gig. And they were very open, Naoki, the guitarist was shaking hands and talking with fans after the end of the concert.
Rancid did great as well. They played a lot of songs that i didn't know, which supports what i read about them somewhere on the net, that Indestructible was really just some "deviation" for them—the problem is, i loved it much… I was hoping for David Courtney or Out of Control (which was on the soundtrack of NFSU) to come, but no… Whatever. They made a very professional and long concert, they even had a standing bass, which surprised even hardcore fans. I can't tell the tracklist, but they played nice songs, there was a nice moshpit (with me in there for most of the time), and loads of bodysurfers. Of course since this was my last gig as a teenager, i had to try it out as well and it's huge fun.
This evening with two such great punk bands worth the money and time definitely. You should regret it if you weren't there…
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